Why does Matchmaking take forever in Payday 3? Answered

It’s a well-known fact that Payday 3 has had a turbulent launch, and to be honest, I’m not exactly thrilled about it; I’m just really disappointed. Payday 3 has quickly become one of my favorite games of 2023, but it’s hindered by one major flaw: most of the time, players can’t even play it. Despite all the internet memes and jokes circulating, many gamers are tired of dealing with login bugs and excessively long queue times for lobbies. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll attempt to address the burning question: Why does Matchmaking take forever in Payday 3?

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Understanding the Prolonged Matchmaking Process in Payday 3

An Image Payday 3 players can hear – Image: PC Invasion

If you’ve ever found yourself waiting in a Matchmaking queue for over 10 minutes only to encounter a frustrating ‘Matchmaking Error’ or be left hanging in limbo, then fret not; you’re not alone in this struggle. Regrettably, the official response to these issues lacks specificity. The official Twitter profile of Payday 3 has been working tirelessly to keep players updated about the Matchmaking status. However, the prevailing trend appears to be that it momentarily works, only to suddenly stop functioning. And if you happen to be outside of an ongoing heist when that happens, you’re out of luck. Only the developers of Payday 3 possess the definitive answer as to why Matchmaking takes forever. It’s not uncommon for new games to experience some unplayability due to high player numbers, but it’s much less common for these issues to persist for days on end.

Can I Play Offline Against Bots Instead?

Since Payday 3 is an ‘always online’ game, playing offline is simply not an option, regardless of what you attempt. This requirement is precisely why you’re still subjected to the lengthy matchmaking times if you wish to play with bots. Whenever a game necessitates a constant online connection, server problems have the potential to spoil the overall experience. This decision has understandably frustrated many players, especially considering that Payday 2 offers an offline mode that functions regardless of server status.

What Measures Can I Take to Resolve the Matchmaking Issues in Payday 3?

Unfortunately, players are somewhat helpless when it comes to Matchmaking. If the servers are down, there’s no way you can join a game, regardless of what you do. In this scenario, you can try your luck by queuing for a heist, monitor social media platforms for updates, or simply play a different game altogether. Fortunately, once you do manage to get into a game, it’s unlikely that you’ll be suddenly booted out. The real challenge lies in actually gaining access. As per correspondence from the Payday 3 social media profile, the developers are actively addressing the issue. However, until the problem is resolved, heisters are left with no choice but to endure the waiting game.

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