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Founded in 2019: Newfangled Games is a game development studio that focuses on creating premium mobile, PC, and console games with original IPs and emotionally engaging stories. The studio was founded by brothers Henry Hoffman, a BAFTA award-winning game developer, and Frederick Hoffman, an award-winning artist.

From Humble Beginnings to New Partnerships: Newfangled Games has come a long way since its early days. The studio started in a small, shady basement flat in Brixton, where the brothers worked together on their previous game ‘Hue.’ They wanted to start a business that went beyond the typical solo developer approach and focused on growth and sustainability. Over time, the team grew from just the two brothers to a diverse group of puzzle enthusiasts from around the world.

The Evolution of Paper Trail: The idea for Newfangled Games’ upcoming game, Paper Trail, originated from a simple concept of a paper map that could be manipulated and folded to affect the world around the player. From there, the game evolved into a top-down puzzle adventure with a click-to-move structure. The game was designed to be accessible and innovative, and it started as a sketch on paper.

A Partnership with Netflix Games: The opportunity to bring Paper Trail to mobile through Netflix Games was a combination of being a good fit for the platform and a stroke of luck. While exhibiting at Gamescom, a player expressed interest in the game being on mobile, and a Netflix representative was there to hear it. Newfangled Games had been in contact with Netflix for some time, and winning the ‘Best Family Game’ award at the event sealed the deal. The studio sees Netflix Games as a platform that aligns with their values and has the potential to showcase indie titles to a wider audience.

The Importance of Cross-Platform Gaming: Newfangled Games believes that cross-platform gaming is crucial for reaching a broad audience. Each platform has different expectations, and developing for multiple platforms allows the studio to accommodate both casual and hardcore players. By making the game accessible on various platforms, the goal is to introduce more people to the puzzle genre and create a rewarding experience for all.

Future Goals at Newfangled Games: The studio’s long-term goals include developing bigger games and expanding the team. Newfangled Games wants to continue their mechanic-driven approach and surprise players with unique and delightful stories. With a larger team, they hope to explore new ideas and bring their illustrative 2D aesthetic into three dimensions. The studio is excited about the possibilities and plans to showcase bold new projects in the coming years.

Release Date and Updates: Paper Trail is set to release in Q1 2024 on all platforms. Newfangled Games encourages fans to follow their social media accounts for more announcements leading up to the release. The game will feature new mechanics, characters, puzzles, and fully illustrated interactive cutscenes.