Ubisoft Announces Tom Clancy’s The Division 3, Appoints New Series Producer

Ubisoft Announces Tom Clancy’s The Division 3, Massive Entertainment to Develop

Ubisoft has made an exciting announcement for fans of the popular Tom Clancy’s The Division series. The company revealed that a third installment of the game is currently in development, with Sweden-based studio Massive Entertainment at the helm. This news comes through a Twitter post from the studio, which also includes a link to a blog post detailing the upcoming release.

Julian Gerighty Takes the Reins as Executive Producer

One particularly noteworthy aspect of this announcement is the appointment of Julian Gerighty as the executive producer for the Tom Clancy’s The Division brand. Gerighty, who previously served as the creative director for Star Wars Outlaws, will now be overseeing all games and products within The Division franchise. Notably, Gerighty has been an integral part of the franchise since joining the team in 2014 as an associate creative director.

Under Gerighty’s leadership, Massive Entertainment will not only be working on Tom Clancy’s The Division 3, but also on other projects set in The Division universe. These projects include Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence, a mobile game, and Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland, a survival-action shooter.

Continued Support for The Division 2

Despite the focus on the upcoming third installment, Ubisoft has reassured players that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will continue to receive ongoing support. “We may have over 40 million players, but The Division is still in its early years as a franchise,” stated Gerighty in the Ubisoft blog. He emphasized the potential for more incredible stories, unexplored locations, and characters to protect within the game.

Gerighty’s Commitment to Star Wars Outlaws

While taking on his new role as executive producer for The Division brand, Julian Gerighty will remain involved with Star Wars Outlaws until its launch next year. This demonstrates his dedication to delivering a high-quality experience for players across multiple projects.

Stay Tuned for More Information

With the announcement of Tom Clancy’s The Division 3, fans of the series are undoubtedly eager for more details. Keep an eye out for updates from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment as they continue to build the team and work on this highly anticipated game.

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