How To Fix Civ 6 Tutorial Stuck Bug

Are you getting stuck in the Civilization 6 tutorial and need a solution? Despite its strategic enhancements and proactive gameplay, Civ VI has been plagued by major bugs that have yet to be addressed. One common bug experienced by gamers, particularly those playing on consoles, is getting stuck in the tutorial segment. If you’re facing this issue, don’t worry – this guide will provide you with a few solutions to bypass this bug.

Civilization 6 Tutorial Stuck Bug Fix

Even after all these years, the tutorial guide in Civ 6 still seems to be broken. It prevents players from completing the tutorial. When players reach the point of building a Campus in the capital city, the game stops recognizing commands and control inputs. This can be a major hurdle, as players cannot progress in the tutorial and there’s no option to save progress. Even if they restart the game, they’ll have to sit through the entire two-hour tutorial again, with no assurance of progress.

The reason for this bug is still unknown. However, here are some methods you can try to fix or bypass it in Civilization 6.

Fix 1

One Reddit user named “Txinca” reached out to the 2k support team and received assistance. One suggestion they provided was to avoid using the fortify command’s multi-turn automation in the tutorial. By doing this, the game might allow you to continue with the tutorial and bypass the bug.

Fix 2

One possible reason for this tutorial stuck glitch in Civ 6 could be a corrupted local save file. One method to potentially fix this is by deleting the local save file and resyncing the game with the cloud.

To do this, navigate to the location where the local game progress is saved on your console and delete the game’s save file. Then, restart your console and let it resync the saved game with the cloud. Most consoles automatically store saved games on the cloud, so you don’t need to do this manually.

Our recommendation for new players is to avoid the tutorial and dive straight into the game. You can also go to the settings options and enable the “New to Civilization” Advisor Settings. This option will provide you with almost all the necessary information as you play the game, similar to the tutorial.

That’s all from us regarding the Civilization 6 tutorial stuck bug fix. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out more content on this game, such as the best leader to choose or the Wonders tier list in Civ 6, on Gamer Tweak.