Ransomware group reportedly selling stolen Sony data

A hacking group claims to have breached Sony’s systems and is now attempting to sell the stolen data. According to a report by Cyber Security Connect, the group known as Ransomed.vc announced their successful compromise of Sony’s systems and stated that they will not ransom them. The group alleges that they are selling the data because Sony refused to pay.

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Cyber Security Connect has described the proof-of-hack data uploaded by Ransomed.vc as “not particularly compelling information”. The evidence provided includes screenshots of an internal login page, an internal presentation, and several Java files. The group also shared a file tree of the stolen data, which reportedly consists of fewer than 6000 files, including additional Java and HTML files.

This incident marks a notable setback for Sony, as the company faced a major hack in 2011 that exposed the personal information of 77 million PlayStation Network users. In response to the breach, Sony took PSN offline for nearly a month to enhance its security measures.

Eurogamer has reached out to Sony for comment regarding this latest report and will provide updates as necessary.