Super Bomberman R 2 Review

When it comes to arcade classics like Bomberman, simplicity is the key to longevity. Hudson Soft’s competitive puzzler has seen numerous iterations over the years, but they have all stuck to the same principle of blowing things up in a colorful paradise. Super Bomberman R 2 continues this tradition with clever new modes that add a fresh twist to the gameplay.

While the single-player story mode and open world of Super Bomberman R 2 may feel repetitive and empty, the multiplayer modes truly shine. Playing with others has always been where Bomberman thrives, and this feature-rich sequel is no exception. The multiplayer modes stay true to the top-down, 2D original, with players throwing explosives to destroy obstacles while avoiding their own blasts and those of their opponents. It’s a constant battle of offense and defense, requiring strategic calculations and careful observation of the enemy’s movements.

Super Bomberman R 2 offers various options for playing with friends, both locally and online. The standout mode is Battle 64, which allows up to 64 players to fight in a knock-down, drag-out battle royale. The clever approach of dividing the players into multiple rooms and gradually removing play areas adds an exciting and tense element to the gameplay. It’s a challenge to survive until the end and be crowned the victor.

Another new mode, Castle, introduces an asymmetrical multiplayer experience where one player is designated as the “king” and must defend treasure chests while setting traps and obstacles to thwart the attackers. The attacking side must find a way to overcome the king’s defenses and claim the treasure. It’s a strategic and engaging mode that offers a fresh twist to the traditional Bomberman gameplay.

In addition to these modes, Super Bomberman R 2 features the return of Grand Prix, a mode that divides players into teams to compete in various mini-games. While the mini-games may not drastically differ from one another, each presents a unique challenge and offers a fun alternative to the regular Bomberman matches.

For those who enjoy creating their own levels, Super Bomberman R 2 includes a robust level editor similar to Super Mario Maker. However, the controls for the editor can be cumbersome, making the process of building levels feel like a chore.

Like many online games, Super Bomberman R 2 features a progression system that rewards players with currency to unlock character skins and other customization options. The game allows you to earn currency through both online and offline modes, without any microtransactions.

Overall, Super Bomberman R 2 offers a versatile multiplayer experience with its innovative modes and exciting gameplay. While the single-player story mode and level editor may fall short of expectations, the multiplayer modes more than make up for it. Whether you’re battling it out in a 64-player battle royale or strategizing in the Castle mode, Super Bomberman R 2 delivers fun and engaging gameplay for fans of the series.