What the Special Projects skill does in Starfield

Master Crafting with the Special Projects Skill in Starfield

In your epic journey through the universe in Starfield, acquiring and honing various skills is essential to maximize your experience. While some skills may not seem particularly valuable at first glance, such as Special Projects, their true worth becomes apparent when you unleash their full potential. This guide will delve into the functionality of the Special Projects skill in Starfield and how it can enhance your crafting capabilities.

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To unlock the Special Projects skill, you must allocate a sufficient number of points to the Science branch of the skill tree. However, the Special Projects skill is situated at the lowest level, requiring you to invest 12 points into skills in higher tiers before accessing it. Even if you prioritize the Science branch early on, it’s likely that you won’t be able to dedicate your first point to the Special Projects skill until around level 30.

Research ‘Experimental Projects’ at a Research Lab

The Special Projects skill at rank 1 empowers you to conduct research on “experimental projects” at a Research Lab. Unveiling the full potential of this skill necessitates having it at its base level, together with a rank 3 designation in Spacesuit Design. For instance, the Pack Mods 3 research project can only be completed by meeting these prerequisites. Failing to do so will impede your equipment optimization. It’s crucial to understand how to acquire Research Stations in Starfield to utilize this advantage to its fullest.

Craft Manufactured Components at an Industrial Workbench

Upon advancing to rank 2 and beyond, the Special Projects skill grants you the ability to craft manufactured components at an Industrial Workbench. This feature plays a pivotal role as it allows you to utilize common resources to create rarer components, enabling the construction of superior gear. With time and progress, you can even craft rare, exotic, and ultimately unique components at the workbench. Additionally, the extractors deployed at your outposts may yield supplementary resources. Hence, maximizing the Special Projects skill is paramount to fulfill your elite manufacturing needs.

Make sure to take full advantage of the Special Projects skill in Starfield to elevate your crafting prowess and unlock its incredible potential for building exceptional equipment. Happy crafting!