Blizzard’s Chris Metzen Is Now Shaping The Future Of Warcraft As A Creative Director

Exciting news for World of Warcraft fans! Blizzard has announced that Chris Metzen, a key figure behind the Warcraft universe, will be sharing the upcoming developments for the game at BlizzCon 2023. Metzen, who rejoined Blizzard as a part-time creative advisor last year, is now taking on the role of executive creative director for the Warcraft universe. This means that he will be leading the creative vision for future projects within the franchise.

Although the specifics of Metzen’s other projects are still a mystery, Blizzard’s latest statement clarifies that his focus is currently on World of Warcraft. He is actively involved in supporting the World of Warcraft leadership in crafting the next generation of adventures. Metzen and the team will be unveiling their work at BlizzCon, revealing what they have been working on over the past year.

Metzen’s Legacy in Warcraft

Chris Metzen has a long history with Blizzard, having worked at the company for over 20 years. He played a crucial role in the creation and development of the Warcraft universe. Metzen’s contributions include working on the original Warcraft game in 1994, serving as creative director on Warcraft III, and acting as senior vice president of story and franchise development for World of Warcraft. In addition to his behind-the-scenes work, he also lent his voice to various characters in the game, including the former Horde Warchief, Thrall.

A Powerful Creative Force at Blizzard

In a recent interview with GameSpot, WoW game director Ion Hazzikostas and executive producer Holly Longdale emphasized the significance of Metzen’s role at Blizzard. They stated that his position as a creative advisor does not fully capture his impact and influence at the company. Metzen is described as a powerful force who is dedicated and passionate about taking the Warcraft franchise to new heights.

Hazzikostas expressed his enthusiasm for having Metzen available to collaborate on new ideas. He highlighted the importance of expanding the Warcraft universe beyond its existing canon and creating new content that stays true to the essence of Warcraft. Hazzikostas emphasized that this is an area in which Metzen excels, as he possesses a unique understanding of what makes Warcraft special.

BlizzCon 2023 and Beyond

Fans won’t have to wait too long to find out what Metzen and the team have been working on. BlizzCon 2023 is scheduled for November 3-4 and will mark the return of the fan convention as an in-person event. This highly anticipated event will unveil the latest developments in the Warcraft universe, providing fans with exciting insights into the future of World of Warcraft.

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