Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis heading to Steam

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Coming to PC Via Steam

Square Enix has announced that the mobile game Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis will be developed for PC and will be available on Steam. The announcement was made during a Japanese livestream dedicated to the game.

Although no specific release date has been revealed, it has been confirmed that data will be shared between the mobile and Steam versions of the game. This means that players will be able to continue their progress across different platforms.

Watch the Summer Game Fest 2023 Trailer for Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis on YouTube

Fans of the game can expect the PC version to maintain the same free-to-play model with its microtransactions. The mobile version of Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis was released earlier this month on iOS and Android.

Ever Crisis is a mission-based mobile game that incorporates elements from the original Final Fantasy 7, as well as its spin-offs Crisis Core and The First Soldier. The missions are designed to be short and can be completed within a matter of minutes, making it ideal for gaming on-the-go. Players can enjoy adorable chibi graphics during narrative scenes and engage in flashy battles with a new battle system.

However, it’s worth noting that the game heavily relies on microtransactions. While it is possible to progress without spending money, players will encounter frequent and aggressive pop-ups encouraging them to make in-game purchases.

For Final Fantasy 7 enthusiasts who prefer to avoid microtransactions, they may consider waiting for the release of Rebirth on February 29th next year.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Steam announcement from livestream

Image credit: Square Enix