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MapleStory M Sees Massive Success in China, Generating $55 Million in First 35 Days

MapleStory M, the popular mobile game based on Nexon’s hit title, has achieved remarkable success since its launch in China on August 17. The game quickly climbed the charts, reaching fifth place in China’s highest-grossing iPhone game chart and topping the country’s mobile download charts. Its incredible performance also propelled it to the number one spot on the global growth charts.

According to Sensor Tower data, MapleStory M generated a staggering $55 million in revenue in its first 35 days in the Chinese market. This achievement contributed to the game’s overall lifetime revenue of over $600 million.

China solidifies its position as the world’s largest mobile gaming market, and MapleStory M’s strong performance reaffirms the country’s dominance. The game was initially released in South Korea in 2016 and had a worldwide rollout in 2018. While South Korea remains the game’s top market by cumulative sales at 37.75%, the USA, Taiwan, and Japan also contribute significant percentages. Notably, China quickly emerged as the game’s fifth largest market, capturing 9.1% of the market share in a short period of time.

China Takes the Lead in Sales

Within the first 35 days of its release in China, MapleStory M’s sales were primarily driven by the Chinese iOS market, accounting for a massive 87.9% of all sales. The game’s popularity in China surpassed that of other countries, with Korea, the USA, Taiwan, and the rest of the world accounting for the remaining percentages.

This significant growth in the Chinese market propelled MapleStory M seven spots up the global MMORPG sales charts, solidifying its position at number two.

Factors Contributing to Success

The success of MapleStory M in China can be attributed to several key factors. The game’s graphics, music, and sense of familiarity resonated with Chinese players. Additionally, an effective localization strategy, including collaborations with Chinese tech giants Tencent and Segi Cheonsung, played a crucial role in ensuring the game’s success.

Tencent, one of the top mobile game makers in 2023, benefited greatly from MapleStory M’s performance in China. The game surpassed League of Legends: Wild Rift as Tencent’s top-earning mobile game in the Chinese market, accounting for 9.4% of the company’s sales.

It is important to note that the revenue data provided only considers the Chinese iOS market. If third-party app stores are taken into account, the actual revenue of MapleStory M is likely to be even higher.

Overall, MapleStory M’s remarkable success in China highlights the strength and potential of the Chinese mobile gaming market. The game’s ability to capture the attention and loyalty of Chinese players speaks volumes about its engaging gameplay and strategic localization efforts.