Meet Your Maker’s Sector 2: Shattered Peak Takes Players to the Frigid Arctic Wasteland

The brutal world of Meet Your Maker expands once again with the release of Sector 2: Shattered Peak. The latest expansion takes players to a desolate Arctic wasteland, where a secluded mountain houses the Shattered Peak Sanctuary, a former research facility gone wrong. This new chapter introduces the themes of paranoia and the disastrous consequences of technology.

Fear Itself: Shattered Peak

Sector 1 brought players to the muddy New England Coastline, but Sector 2 takes them even further north to the Arctic wasteland, where suffocating snowstorms and endless winds reign. The Shattered Peak Sanctuary, once seen as a safe haven, shows that no place was exempt from danger. The secluded area is now overtaken by paranoia and chaos.

“We wanted to explore how the Sanctuary project and an impending extinction-level event may have affected a sparsely populated area of Earth. The Arctic was the perfect fit for our vision of a harsh, inhospitable environment,” says Joe Dermo, Narrative Designer for Meet Your Maker.

The Stuff of Nightmares: Shattered Peak’s Deadly Creations

Paranoia and the consequences of relying too heavily on technology are key themes in Shattered Peak. The new Custodian suit, known as the Overseer, and the guard, the Assassin, both reflect these themes in their lore and gameplay.

The Overseer is a prototype Custodian suit that was captured by an Advisor clone suffering from paranoid hallucinations. The suit possesses unique abilities that players can use for offensive or defensive strategies. The Assassin, on the other hand, relies on stealth to ambush Raiders, appearing nearly invisible until it unleashes its devastating lunge attack.

An Expanding World

With the addition of Dreadshore and now Shattered Peak, Meet Your Maker’s world continues to evolve. Each new region not only brings new tools for players to experiment with in building and raiding, but also adds depth to the game’s narrative.

“When creating new content, we consider what will be fun for players. We look at gaps in gameplay and find ways to shake things up. We also listen to player feedback and incorporate it into our designs,” says Ash Pannell, Creative Director for Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Maker is all about user-generated content, allowing players to mix and match freely when building Outposts or creating Raider loadouts. The game’s lore is rooted in real human emotions and reactions, bringing a sense of realism to the science fiction setting.

Sector 2: Shattered Peak is now available for Meet Your Maker. Players can experience all the chilling new tools and cosmetics inspired by the Arctic wastes and the downfall of the Shattered Peak Sanctuary with the Sector 2 Bundle.

The Sector 2 Bundle

The Sector 2 Bundle includes the Sector 2 Arsenal Pack and the Sector 2 Cosmetic Collection. Players can harness new tools and cosmetics, such as the Overseer and Assassin skins, the Yeti Volt Lancer weapon skin, and various props and decals to enhance their Outposts.