Resident Evil 4 remake on mobile will cost almost $60, nearly matching its PC and console price

Pricing Details for the iOS Release of ‘Resident Evil 4’ Remake

The pricing for the iOS release of 2022’s Resident Evil 4 remaake has been revealed, and prospective players who were hoping that the survival horror game could be a bit cheaper on mobile devices might be surprised to discover that, in fact, the pocket-sized version of the game will cost pretty much exactly the same as it does on console and PC.

While the game shows as free to download on the App Store, only a limited amount of the game can actually be played without spending money on an in-app purchase. TouchArcade reports that in the United States, that price is an exact match across all of Resident Evil 4‘s platforms, with the base game set to cost $59.99. Its Deluxe Edition, which comes with a DLC pack, costs an additional $19.99.

Meanwhile, in the UK, VGC reports that one in-app purchase named ‘Resident Evil 4 (With Bonus)’ costs £57.99, so to make the safe assumption that this is the full game, it costs slightly more than the console version (which has a recommended retail price of £54.99 on PS4 and PS5), and more still than the Steam version, which is £49.99 at full price. In the UK, the extra DLC pack costs £15.99, according to VGC.

To play Resident Evil 4’s remake on iPhone, users will require a device with the A17 Pro Chip or later (currently available in the newly released iPhone 15 Pro), as well as iOS 17.0 or later. On iPad it’s a similar situation – iPadOS 17.0 or later is required, as well as a device with an M1 chip (or newer). Finally, on Mac, users must have at least macOS 13.0 installed, and a device with an M1 chip (or later).

Exciting News for iPhone 15 Pro Users

The iPhone 15 Pro will also support Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Death Stranding, amongst others, which is an exciting prospect for avid mobile gamers.

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