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Discover the Hidden Gems of “MONOPOLY GO!”

Since its launch in April, “MONOPOLY GO!” has taken the gaming world by storm, captivating players globally with its charm, social connectivity, and competitive spirit. Not only has it become the #1 mobile game of 2023, but it has also achieved the title of the best mobile board game launch ever. However, what many players may not realize is that “MONOPOLY GO!” is filled with nods to iconic movies, a futuristic cartoon, and a renowned science fiction novel. We spoke to Howard Shin, the Senior Art Director at Scopely, to learn more about the team’s creative process and the unique touches that make “MONOPOLY GO!” a truly immersive experience.

A Gamemaking Vision for a Timeless Game

When the team at Scopely set out to reimagine the MONOPOLY universe, their goal was clear: to create a game that would stand the test of time. The vision for “MONOPOLY GO!” was to merge the classic elements that have defined MONOPOLY for over 85 years with a fresh and modern twist. To achieve this, the team assembled a diverse group of over 100 individuals from different countries, including the U.S., Spain, Israel, the U.K., and Ukraine. They encouraged each team member to draw upon their unique backgrounds and experiences to infuse the game with personal touches. This collaborative and inclusive approach has resulted in a game that is brimming with nostalgia, hidden treasures, and surprises.

Easter Eggs and Surprises Await

As you explore the world of “MONOPOLY GO!,” you’ll come across various Easter eggs and surprises that add a sense of wonder and discovery to the game. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. A Nod to 80’s Films

    The team at Scopely grew up watching classic 80’s movies, and they paid tribute to some of their favorites within the game. You’ll find a character inspired by the “mad scientist” archetype from films like “Back to the Future” and “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” wandering the “Science Fair” board.

  2. A Tribute to “Big”

    “MONOPOLY GO!” also features a playful reference to one of the biggest comedies of the 80’s, “Big.” The collectible sticker “Big Time” showcases Mr. MONOPOLY dancing on an oversized piano, reminiscent of the iconic scene from the film.

  3. Enter the World of The Jetsons

    The “Moon” board in “MONOPOLY GO!” is a homage to the futuristic world of “The Jetsons,” a beloved 1960’s cartoon. Immerse yourself in a universe filled with flying cars, robot assistants, and moving sidewalks.

  4. A Literary Dive into the Ocean

    Delve into the depths of the ocean with the “Submarine” board in “MONOPOLY GO!” Inspired by Jules Verne’s masterpiece, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” this board offers a creative backdrop for building your empire.

  5. The Origins of “Cash Grab”

    One of the fan-favorite minigames in “MONOPOLY GO!” is “Cash Grab,” where players must quickly collect floating MONOPOLY money. This game is actually based on a real-life off board version of MONOPOLY, where players blast cash and Chance cards into the air to increase their fortunes.

  6. Avoid the Birds!

    Mr. MONOPOLY has a long-standing feud with birds in “MONOPOLY GO!” This running gag, conceived by the creative Scopeleans, is reflected in the game’s vast collection of stickers. Whether it’s a prehistoric encounter or a modern-day mealtime struggle, birds always seem to disrupt Mr. MONOPOLY’s peace.

  7. An Inventive Character

    Meet Lizzie Bell, an inventor character in the “MONOPOLY GO!” universe. Her name pays homage to two notable inventors: Lizzie Magie, the designer of the game that inspired MONOPOLY, and Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone.

  8. A Quirky Scene

    The “Garden Gala” board may seem peaceful at first, with its tea party setting in a lush garden. However, take a closer look and you’ll spot a mischievous character hanging off the ledge of a fountain, adding an unexpected element of playfulness to the scene.

  9. The Scopelean Cameos

    The development of “MONOPOLY GO!” involved a talented team of Scopelean game-makers from various countries. Some of these individuals even make cameos within the game. For example, Massimo Maietti, the visionary General Manager of “MONOPOLY GO!,” has his own namesake pizzeria board called “Massimo’s.” Apel Keshishian, a skilled Senior Technical Artist, inspired the “Apel’s Orchard” board. And Dan Wilkins, the lead engineer, contributed to the creation of the “Bavarian Village” board, drawing from his wife’s Bavarian heritage.

  10. A Tribute to Seville

    The team behind “MONOPOLY GO!” includes game-makers from the city of Seville in Spain, where Scopely Studio Genjoy is located. As a nod to their contributions, the beautiful “Sevilla” board features the studio’s logo, a distinctive letter “G.”

Uncover the Hidden World of “MONOPOLY GO!”

These are just a few examples of the creative and playful touches that await you in “MONOPOLY GO!” Keep exploring and see how many more hidden gems you can discover in this beloved mobile game.