What’s coming in the Starfield 1.7.33 update?

Patch Update for Starfield 1.7.33

Recently, Bethesda released the much-anticipated 1.7.33 update for Starfield on Xbox and Steam. This update aims to improve performance, stability, and address several gameplay issues, as noted on the official Starfield website. While a more significant update is still in the works, let’s take a closer look at the key fixes introduced in the latest Starfield patch.

General Fixes

  • Resolved a bug causing NPCs to not appear in their designated locations
  • Fixed mislabeling of Star Stations as the player’s ships
  • Ensured players won’t accidentally access a vendor’s entire inventory

Graphical Fixes

Addressed an issue specific to AMD GPU users, where star lens flares failed to display correctly. Furthermore, the patch eliminates blurry textures and minimizes photosensitivity risks that occurred when navigating the inventory menu.

Performance and Stability Fixes

Rectified hitching problems encountered when using the Hand Scanner. Additionally, various freezes and crashes have been resolved to enhance overall performance and stability.

Ship Fixes

The first fix in this category resolves an issue where displayed items disappeared when applied to in-ship mannequins. The second fix prevents items placed inside Razorleaf Storage Containers or Weapon Racks from vanishing when taking control of another ship.

These fixes address several common issues reported by players, and we hope they significantly enhance your gameplay experience in Starfield.