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Lies of P: The Impacts of Honesty and Deception

Lying is integral to the gameplay of Lies of P, where your choices of truth or lie shape the story and its outcomes. This guide will highlight the moments in the game where you face difficult decisions, as well as the effects of your choices.

What are the Effects of Telling a Truth or a Lie?

Your choices between truth and lies have significant impacts on various aspects of the game. The outcomes of the story are most affected by these decisions. However, there are also additional rewards for engaging in this interaction with suitable responses. Here are the consequences of your choices in Lies of P:

Multiple Endings

Your truth and lie decisions have a profound influence on the game’s endings. Lies of P offers three distinct conclusions, each with its own narrative path. While one ending is available by default, the other two are unlocked through your predominant choices of honesty or deception, along with critical decisions in the game’s climax.

It’s important to note that achieving a “lies only” or “truths only” playthrough is not necessary for attaining the ‘Rise of P’ or ‘Free from a Puppet String’ endings. The objective is to lean predominantly towards either lies or truths, but a consistent approach is advised to ensure your desired outcome. Your responses in decisive moments trigger notifications that reflect P’s evolving perception, impacting various aspects of the game.

The Golden Lie Secret Weapon

One of the rewards in Lies of P is the enigmatic “Golden Lie” secret weapon. This unique item can be acquired from the mysterious “Portrait of a Boy.” Displaying this remarkable artifact within Hotel Krat leads to an exciting transformation – a branch laden with leaves begins to sprout and grow. To unlock this distinctive weapon, you must consistently choose to lie throughout your playthrough. Additionally, playing all the records you’ve gathered along the way is crucial. This exceptional weapon becomes accessible during a post-campaign stage, separate from the New Game Plus mode.

Record Rewards

Your choices regarding truth and lies also impact the records you uncover in the game. Certain characters in Lies of P engage you in dialogues where your responses shape the course of the narrative. You’ll be rewarded with particular records based on your chosen path of honesty or deceit. These records provide valuable insights into the game’s lore, character backgrounds, and the intricate world you navigate.

List of All Truth or Lie Choices

Throughout Krat, there are at least 15 encounters where you must face the choice of telling the truth or lying. Each of these encounters has various impacts or rewards depending on your response. Here is a comprehensive list of scenarios where you can lie:

  1. Woman in the Window

    Description: You encounter a silhouetted woman in an apartment window on Elysion Boulevard who asks if her baby is adorable. You must agree to find her baby, then bring her the Broken Baby Puppet.

    Location: Elysion Boulevard.


    • Truth: “That’s just a puppet.”
    • Lie: “That’s a cute baby.”


    • Truth: You receive a Vivid Ergo Fragment and Feel.
    • Lie: Pinocchio’s humanity grows.
  2. … (repeat the above structure for each scenario)

These encounters offer a range of outcomes and rewards depending on your choice of truth or lie. Consider your decisions carefully, as they can significantly impact your gameplay experience in Lies of P.