Counter-Strike 2 bug prevents you from seeing smoke grenades at a distance on Steam Deck

Visual Bug on Steam Deck Preventing Players from Seeing Smoke Grenades in Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) has finally arrived on PC and players have wasted no time in immersing themselves in the game. With over one million concurrent players currently in-game, it’s clear that the launch has been highly anticipated.

However, it seems that there may be a visual bug on the Steam Deck version of CS2 that is causing some players to be unable to see smoke grenades at a distance. This issue was reported by a player on the game’s subreddit, who uploaded a clip showing the lack of visual cue when throwing a smoke grenade and the absence of smoke rendering from a distance. As a result, players are able to fully see the enemy team, giving them an unfair advantage in this competitive shooter.

According to the original post, this bug is specific to the Steam Deck version of the game and is not present when playing CS2 on PC via Steam. Other players on Linux mint have also reported experiencing the same issue. The problem has been replicated by multiple players on GitHub, implying that it is a widespread bug.

It is currently unknown whether this bug is due to a limitation in the Steam Deck’s ability to generate visual effects or if it is a software issue that can be patched. Valve, the developers of CS2, has yet to address the problem. However, it is likely that they will release a future patch to fix this issue if it is affecting a significant number of Steam Deck players.

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