Where to get Indicite Wafer in Starfield

Where to Find Indicite Wafer in Starfield

In Starfield, players embark on thrilling adventures among the stars. However, these epic journeys often require careful preparation. A crucial part of this preparation is the game’s crafting system, which relies on various ingredients. One of the more elusive ingredients is the Indicite Wafer. If you’re wondering where to find Indicite Wafer in Starfield, this guide is here to help.

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You’ll need Indicite Wafer to research Helmet Mods 3, Spacesuit Mods 3, and other similar upgrades. Unfortunately, this resource is quite rare. To acquire Indicite Wafer, your best option is to purchase it from general stores that offer various resources. One of the most convenient places to find Indicite Wafer is Outland. To get there, simply fast travel to New Atlantis and select the Commercial District as your destination. Once you arrive, head forward and keep an eye out for the UC Distribution building on your right. Just past that building on your left, you’ll easily spot the Outland shop. The shopkeeper there may have several Indicite Wafers available for purchase. While they don’t cost much, they are quite heavy.

If you regularly visit Outland and similar shops, you can gradually accumulate a decent supply of most resources. This ensures that you have an ample stockpile when you need them. I recommend buying a home and setting up storage crates to store your resources until they’re needed.

In some cases, you may find yourself in need of a larger quantity of Indicite Wafer all at once. In such situations, you’ll need to explore other locations throughout the galaxy. Here are a couple of additional shops to check:

  • Apex Electronics (New Atlantis)
  • Shepherd’s General Goods (Akila City)

Alternatively, you might come across Indicite Wafer at outposts. If there are no people around, you might find it lying on a table, in a crate, or even in a safe. It’s worth checking with local vendors, as they may also stock the item. For example, I recently encountered a trader at the Civilian Outpost on Jemison who had several Indicite Wafers available for sale.

Another possibility is to find Indicite Wafer stored in cargo holds when you board enemy ships. However, keep in mind that you can’t produce Indicite Wafer at an Industrial Workbench like some other resources. Your only options are to buy it or resort to stealing it.

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