All CS2 hidden achievements and how to get them

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Counter-Strike 2: What Happened to All the CSGO Achievements?

Counter-Strike 2 is the highly anticipated sequel in the beloved franchise. However, its release came with a surprising elimination of all 167 CSGO achievements, completely erasing the hard work of the player base. In their place, a single hidden achievement was introduced. What is this mysterious CS2 achievement, and is it worth the effort players invested in the CSGO achievements?

Unveiling the CS2 Hidden Achievement

Currently, there is only one hidden achievement in CS2. This not only perplexes players but also makes them frustrated with Valve for replacing all 167 CSGO achievements. Unfortunately, this solitary hidden achievement is not worth it.

The hidden achievement, entitled ‘A New Beginning’, has the description ‘This is Counter-Strike, too’. To unlock this enigmatic achievement, all you need to do is play any game mode. That’s it.

If you didn’t obtain the achievement, perhaps playing again and completing the game (although some players report that completing the game is unnecessary) will do the trick.

Is Cs2 Playable On The Steam Deck

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This could be seen as a flashy way to mark the launch of CS2, a dramatic move to rejuvenate the franchise with a clever pun. However, without any official statement on the matter, fans are left disappointed and concerned about this decision. Hopefully, Valve will address the issue soon, as a significant portion of the CSGO community is unhappy with this needless change. While the title ‘A New Beginning’ does hint at this possibility, nothing is certain at the moment.

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Expectations for Future CS2 Achievements

It is highly likely that Valve will introduce more achievements and hidden achievements into the game. It is difficult to imagine a scenario where Valve removes all of CSGO’s achievements only to replace them with a single achievement that every player receives. Achievements have been an integral part of the CSGO community, so disregarding them for this title would undoubtedly upset many fans.

We will keep this guide updated as more hidden achievements are unveiled, along with instructions on how to complete them. Hopefully, this will happen soon!

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