How to find the Flash Drive in Under the Surphaze in Payday 3

How to Find the Hidden Flash Drive in Under the Surphaze in Payday 3

If you’re a fan of stealthy gameplay in Payday 3, the “Under the Surphaze” heist will provide you with a significant challenge. Set in an art gallery with priceless exhibits, the security measures are tight. Your objective is to acquire the Flash Drive, which is more hidden than you might expect. Here’s a guide on how to find the Flash Drive in Under the Surphaze.

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Location of the Flash Drive

The Manager’s Office on the second floor is where you’ll find the Flash Drive in Under the Surphaze. However, this is also the most challenging part of the heist as the area is heavily guarded. Navigate through the halls carefully, as guards and pedestrians frequently patrol near the office. Once you’re inside the Manager’s Office, interact with the computer screen to gather important information for later. The Flash Drive is hidden in a safe on the wall behind the computer desk.

Image: PC Invasion

To access the hidden safe and obtain the Flash Drive, interact with the wooden panel (pictured above). Break into the safe, and the Flash Drive will be yours. Note, if you’re playing the heist stealthily, you are unlikely to be disturbed in the Manager’s Office while cracking the safe. However, if you choose to go loud, be prepared for guards to come in and interrupt your progress.

Locating the Manager’s Office

Breaking into the Art Gallery without being detected can be quite challenging. Guards and cameras protect the glass doors at the front. However, with patience, you can enter through the front doors. Once inside, be mindful of the cameras and make your way to the second floor. The Manager’s Office will always be located opposite a window along the edges of the gallery.

How to find the Flash Drive in Under the Surphaze in Payday 3

Image: PC Invasion

Entering with a Mask

If you don’t mind taking the risk of being seen, you can easily reach the Manager’s Office while masked. From the roadside, mask up at a suitable location, similar to the picture above, and climb onto the box. Jump from the box to the scaffolding and then onto the metal staircase. It’s worth noting that the jumping mechanics in Payday 3 aren’t ideal for parkour-like movements, but this particular jump is manageable. Keep in mind that putting on your mask in public will raise suspicion, so wait for large crowds to pass before attempting it. Remember, when starting a heist, don’t hesitate to take risks, as a reset won’t result in any significant loss.

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