Yes, obviously Diablo 4 will receive quality-of-life improvements at the start and throughout season two

Diablo 4 Season Two Will Bring Quality-of-Life Improvements

Blizzard has officially announced that season two of Diablo 4 will come with significant quality-of-life improvements. This confirmation aims to clear up any confusion caused by a recent blog post which suggested that updates would not be available upon the season’s release (via GamesRadar).

In a response to the community, Adam Fletcher, the game’s community manager, clarified on Reddit that the interpretation was incorrect. He stated that quality-of-life changes would indeed be implemented both at the start of the season and throughout its duration.

Fletcher explained, “We have a significant amount of changes coming at the start of the season and we will be talking about that on October 4th. But we are also committing to a bunch more in subsequent updates all throughout Season 2 as well and will share the first one of those on October 10th with that stream and more at BlizzCon.”

Therefore, players can look forward to the arrival of much-needed improvements right from the beginning of season two.

Diablo 4 Season of Blood is scheduled to launch on October 17 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. This upcoming season will offer players a brand-new questline, new vampiric powers, and five new end-game boss fights. Additionally, a new character named Erys, a vampire hunter voiced by Gemma Chan from Eternals and Crazy Rich Asians, will also be introduced.

Looking ahead, Blizzard has shared its plans for the future of Diablo 4. The game will not only receive seasonal content and updates but also annual expansions. In an interview, General Manager Rod Fergusson revealed that the team has “years and years” worth of plans and storylines for the game.

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