Old School RuneScape (OSRS) – How to Get Lumberjack Outfit

How to Obtain the Lumberjack Outfit in Old School RuneScape

Woodcutting is an adored skill in Old School RuneScape, and players are always looking for ways to level up efficiently. When the Lumberjack outfit was introduced, it became a favorite among players because it provided a bonus to Woodcutting experience. In this guide, we will explore how you can obtain the Lumberjack outfit in Old School RuneScape!

Temple Trekking

The Lumberjack outfit can be obtained in two different ways in OSRS. One method is by completing Temple Trekking, a minigame where players escort NPCs through a dangerous path in Morytania. To participate in Temple Trekking, you must have completed the “In Air of the Myreque” quest. Completing the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest allows you to access a faster route, increasing efficiency.

There are no specific stat requirements for Temple Trekking, but it is recommended that you have combat stats of at least 70 or higher. During Temple Trekking, there is a chance that Undead Lumberjacks will spawn in groups. Only the Undead Lumberjacks without a tree have a 1 in 4 chance of dropping a piece of the Lumberjack outfit. This method is ideal for those who prefer not to focus on Woodcutting but still want to obtain the outfit quickly.

Forestry Shop

For players who want to earn the Lumberjack outfit through Woodcutting, they can visit the Forestry Shop. This shop offers various unlocks and rewards related to Woodcutting, including the Lumberjack outfit.

Here is the breakdown of the Lumberjack outfit cost in the Forestry Shop:

  • Lumberjack hat: 1,200 Anima-infused bark, 100 Magic logs, 200 Yew logs
  • Lumberjack top: 1,500 Anima-infused bark, 120 Redwood logs, 120 Magic logs, 60 Yew logs
  • Lumberjack legs: 1,300 Anima-infused bark, 140 Magic logs, 160 Yew logs
  • Lumberjack boots: 1,000 Anima-infused bark, 200 Yew logs, 100 Maple logs

Anima-infused bark can be earned by completing Forestry events while Woodcutting. These events are typically found around Maple, Yew, or Magic trees in and around Seer’s Village. Forestry shops can be found either behind the bank in Draynor Village or in front of the bank in Seer’s Village. You can also join Forestry Worlds (Worlds 388, 444, 487, and 510) to woodcut with other players and receive additional bonuses.

Lumberjack Outfit Cosmetic Upgrade

In addition to the Lumberjack outfit, there are cosmetic upgrades available at the Forestry shop. These upgrades are known as the Forestry outfit and do not provide any additional bonuses. They simply offer a different aesthetic, appealing to those who prefer a forestry-style look.

Each cosmetic piece of the Forestry outfit requires 1,250 Anima-infused bark and 60 logs of various types, including Redwood, Magic, Yew, Arctic pine, Mahogany, Teak, Maple, Willow, and Oak. The total cost for the entire upgrade is 5,000 Anima-infused bark and 240 logs of each mentioned type.

And that’s how you can obtain the Lumberjack outfit in Old School RuneScape! Do you have any suggestions or feedback regarding this guide? Let us know in the comment section below!