How to easily farm ships in Starfield

How to Easily Farm Ships in Starfield

Starfield offers players the opportunity to claim and explore the galaxy with their own ship. However, navigating the cosmos isn’t always smooth sailing. In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily farm ships in Starfield, allowing you to expand your fleet and increase your profits.

Encounters with Enemy Pilots

While exploring the galaxy, you’ll come across enemy pilots who will attack you without any provocation. In addition to dealing with factions like the Crimson Fleet and pirates, you’ll also have to contend with Spacers, Va’Ruun heretics, and Ecliptic mercenaries.

In systems like Serpentis, which is teeming with Va’Ruun ships, the chances of encountering hostility are even higher. However, if your ship is well-equipped, engaging in unexpected battles can work to your advantage.

Targeting and Boarding

To easily acquire new ships, you need to disable them and eliminate their crews. As combat begins, focus on eliminating the ships you have no interest in acquiring. Then, target the ship you wish to claim and disable its engines. This prevents the ship from fleeing or attacking.

Starfield Register Ship From Ship Menu

Once the hostile ship’s crew has been eliminated, you can take command of the ship. However, this process requires some additional steps. Follow the instructions below to simplify the process:

  1. Sit in the pilot seat of the hostile ship (your Piloting skill must be at a sufficient rank).
  2. Undock from your current home ship.
  3. Immediately dock with your current home ship again, without boarding.
  4. Access the Ship menu from the pause menu, while remaining docked with your previous home ship.
  5. Set the enemy ship you occupy as your new Home Ship.
  6. (Optional) Register your new ship from the same menu, which incurs a cost.
  7. Exit the Ship menu.
  8. Board your previous home ship using the on-screen prompt.
  9. Using the Ship menu, set your previous home ship as your home ship once again.
  10. Return to the pilot seat and get back to exploring.

Expanding Your Fleet

By following this process, you can easily add new ships to your fleet without any detours. Take advantage of this method regularly to build a fleet that you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. If you acquire a ship you don’t like, simply sell it during your travels or improve it if it meets your standards. This will provide you with the resources to finance other acquisitions, such as a home in your favorite city.

Now that you know how to easily farm ships in Starfield, go out and claim the galaxy as your own!

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