PSVR2 Roguelite The Foglands Gets a New Trailer and Halloween Release Date

Well Told Entertainment’s The Foglands: New Gameplay and Release Date

Well Told Entertainment, the developer behind the highly anticipated PSVR2 roguelite game called The Foglands, has released exciting new gameplay footage, features, and a release date. The Foglands, a unique shooter, was initially revealed during the February PlayStation State of Play event. It aims to provide a refreshing change of pace from the abundance of military shooters available on PSVR2.

New Gameplay Trailer and Release Date

Recently, Well Told Entertainment took to Twitter to unveil a captivating gameplay trailer for The Foglands. The trailer showcases a range of powerful weapons that players can utilize to combat the twisted creatures that inhabit this horror-themed PSVR2 shooter. Along with the new footage, the developer also announced that The Foglands will be released on October 31, just in time for Halloween. Additionally, it was revealed that the game will offer an optional flatscreen mode for PS5.

The Gameplay Experience

In a recent PlayStation Blog post, The Foglands was described as an atmospheric roguelite with an anti-Western theme. Players assume the role of Jim, a Runner who must protect the people of the Hold from a variety of monstrous enemies in a constantly changing environment. Armed with an array of guns and melee attacks, players can eliminate their opponents while collecting Scrap and Fog Oil. These resources can be used to unlock new gear, upgrades, and areas. During each run, players have the opportunity to acquire unique abilities from a mysterious character known as The Stranger. However, both the abilities and collected items are reset upon death. Although not a full-fledged horror game like the upcoming PSVR2 mode for Resident Evil 4, The Foglands boasts a hauntingly eerie aesthetic that complements its Halloween release date perfectly.

Flatscreen Mode on PS5

A noteworthy announcement from Well Told Entertainment is the option to play The Foglands in flatscreen mode on PS5. This addition aims to attract a wider audience, especially newcomers to virtual reality gaming who might find the fast-paced gameplay uncomfortable. While it’s important to note that the PSVR2 has been outselling its predecessor since May, there haven’t been many high-profile releases for the headset in recent months. Therefore, the Halloween launch of The Foglands is undoubtedly exciting news for PSVR2 owners. Furthermore, there are hints that horror enthusiasts may have more to look forward to in the future, as there are rumors of Firesprite, the developers of The Persistence, working on a AAA PS5 horror game set to be released by 2025.