How to steal the True Ladette painting in Payday 3

Stealing the True Ladette Painting in Payday 3: A Comprehensive Guide

The Under the Surphaze heist in Payday 3 can be quite perplexing, with numerous objectives and tight security around the Art Gallery. It’s almost inevitable that if you’re playing with random teammates, the heist will eventually go loud. However, even if your cover is blown, you can still accomplish the mission—it just becomes more challenging when the relentless cops are constantly on your tail. In this guide, I will walk you through the process of stealing the True Ladette painting in Payday 3.

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Stealing the True Ladette Painting: A Difficult Task

Stealing the True Ladette painting is no easy feat, as it requires specific items that may not be readily available when playing with random teammates. Unfortunately, the required equipment is not shared among players. Adding to the challenge, the locations of the necessary rooms are randomized. However, fear not, for you are a professional heister with the skills to overcome these obstacles. Here’s what you need to do:

Find the Flash Drive

Image: PC Invasion

We have a detailed guide on finding the Flash Drive, but you can typically locate it in the Manager’s Office. It is consistently found in the safe on the wall behind the Computer Desk. Since you will need the information displayed on the screen, it is always worthwhile to visit this room.

Find the Spectrophotometer

How to steal the True Ladette painting in Payday 3

Image: PC Invasion

The Spectrophotometer, quite a tongue-twister, can be found in the Server Room. Unfortunately, the location of this room, like the Manager’s Office, is randomized. However, it is always on the 2nd floor. Due to its size, the heister carrying the Spectrophotometer keeps it in a duffel bag on their back.

Locate the True Ladette Painting

How to steal the True Ladette painting in Payday 3

Image: PC Invasion

The Ladette Painting can be found in various exhibition rooms, and their locations are accessible through the Manager’s computer. One of the rooms contains a fake painting, with the differences being imperceptible to the naked eye. The Spectrophotometer comes in handy for identifying the authentic painting. The heister in possession of the Spectrophotometer places the equipment on the floor in front of the painting. After a few seconds, you can check the device’s screen to determine if the picture is genuine.

Once you are confident that you have the correct painting in front of you, insert the Flash Drive into the slot next to the painting and retrieve your valuable prize. However, be cautious—the Flash Drive can only be used once, so make sure you don’t use it on the wrong painting.

If you attempt to steal the Ladette without the Flash Drive, a security measure will be triggered, resulting in the incineration of the painting! It may seem somewhat childish, as if they have a “if we can’t have it, no one can” mentality. Nevertheless, this is why all the aforementioned items are vital.

If you have already gone loud, you should take the painting to the roof. For stealthy players who have managed to remain undetected by the authorities thus far, get ready to navigate through an area teeming with pedestrians—enjoy the challenge!

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