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Zynga’s Subsidiary Socialpoint Launches Top Troops, a New Mobile Game

Zynga’s subsidiary studio Socialpoint has recently released an exciting new mobile game called Top Troops. This game combines elements of RPG, strategy, and merging genres to create a unique gaming experience.

In Top Troops, players find themselves in the medieval fantasy world of the Kingdom of King’s Bay. The gameplay revolves around merging and battling mechanics, where players can merge and level-up troops to form an unbeatable army. They can then lead their troops into epic battles and reclaim lost land. The conquered lands can be used for resource farming and as a training ground to strengthen characters, creating a continuous cycle of progress.

Time for Strategy

Top Troops offers two game modes: a campaign mode and a PvP mode. Players have the freedom to experiment with countless combinations of characters and strategies. From Ninja Moles to Imperial Elves, players can merge various characters to create their ideal army.

Akshay Bharadwaj, the head of Socialpoint, expressed his excitement about the merge-and-battle genre, stating, “Top Troops is a bold new step into the merge-and-battle genre that combines the best of both worlds with strategic gameplay.”

“We invite players to unleash their inner commander by building powerful empires and leading assassins, necromancer rats, and mermen into combat. With its innovative gameplay and colorful universe, Top Troops is sure to appeal to fans who want the fun and excitement of tactical conquests,” Bharadwaj added.

When Take-Two Interactive acquired Socialpoint in 2019, their goal was to strengthen their presence in the mobile gaming market. This acquisition followed the success of games such as Dragon City. Take-Two later went on to acquire Zynga in a groundbreaking merger.

Yaron Leyvand, the Zynga executive vice president of games, commented on the release of Top Troops, saying, “Top Troops is Socialpoint’s first worldwide launch under the Zynga label following our 2022 combination with Take-Two Interactive.”

“Combining Zynga’s expertise and resources with Socialpoint’s success in mobile development and live operations, Top Troops will help usher in a new phase of growth for our partner studio. This is just the beginning of what’s possible when you bring together the best minds from both teams to create a dynamic and vibrant game,” Leyvand added.