FFXIV: How to unlock Thaleia

Unlocking Thaleia in FFXIV’s Endwalker Alliance Raid Series

Thaleia is the final duty of the Endwalker Alliance Raid series called Myths of the Realm. Discovering the identities of the gods is what this patch is all about, and in order to do so, you must unlock the final duty. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock Thaleia in FFXIV.

Thaleia Alliance Raid Unlock: Starting Location and NPC

If you haven’t started the Alliance Raid series yet, you need to progress beyond the dungeon of 6.1 and complete the Main Scenario Quest ‘A Brother’s Grief.’ Once you’ve done that, head to Old Sharlayan (9.1, 11.4) inside the Baldesion Annex and seek out the Fresh-faced Student to begin the chain. The quest is called ‘A Mission in Mor Dhona.’

To start the quest, teleport to Revenant’s Toll, follow the quest markers, and locate the Baby Opo-opo at (25, 11.5) on the map. After that, meet your NPC and continue on through Aglaia and Eurphosyne.

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Unlocking Thaleia: The Final Set of Quests

The third and final set of quests to unlock Thaleia begins with Deryk once again in the same spot at (23.9, 9) on the Mor Dhona map. The quest is called ‘The Heart of the Myth’.

Alliance Raid Quest Unlock Location Map

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you start the quest, enter the Omphalos located nearby at (24.5, 126). After the cutscene, take the opportunity to speak with all of the Twelve. It is highly recommended, especially if your character has a specific patron deity, as each god offers a unique line of dialogue. However, remember that this opportunity will be lost once you progress the quest by talking to Deryk again.

Next, you’ll need to make a detour to Mare Lamentorum and speak with the Watcher before returning to the Omphalos for another cutscene. Finally, speaking with G’raha Tia will unlock Thaleia. Enjoy the duty, but be prepared for an emotional experience.