Minecraft’s mob vote just got its first entry and perhaps much more

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023: A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming

As the Minecraft mob vote 2023 draws near, Mojang has finally provided players with a glimpse of what to expect this year.

Prepare for the upcoming Minecraft mob vote by getting an idea of the content that will be showcased. While staple features like Cherry trees and building mechanics are expected to be showcased during the live stream, the main highlight will undoubtedly be the mob vote.

Each year, Mojang offers players the opportunity to vote on three potential mobs. This two-stage voting process determines which mob will be added to Minecraft in the next update. Last year, the community voted in favor of the seed-finding Sniffer, and it became a part of the vanilla game.

This time around, a nautical theme seems to prevail. In a recent video released on the official Minecraft YouTube channel, Tiny Agnes, Jens, and Vu embark on a ship to unveil the new mobs vying to join the game. The first revealed mob is the crab.

In Minecraft, the crab promises to be a useful companion for players who enjoy building elaborate structures. The crab’s claw allows for block placement at greater distances. If it wins the mob vote, you can encounter these creatures scuttling around mangrove swamps.

The nautical theme may also extend to the remaining two mob options. Speculations on Reddit suggest that a seagull and a jellyfish will make their way into the mob vote, based on an accidentally published YouTube playlist. Players will have the chance to vote on these potential additions.

While the mob vote brings excitement to the annual Minecraft live stream, it is always bittersweet to bid farewell to the mobs that don’t make the cut.

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