FFXIV – How to Revive Someone

The Complete Guide to Reviving in Final Fantasy XIV

Reviving a fallen comrade in FFXIV is a crucial task, primarily assigned to healers, although other jobs like Red Mage and Summoner also possess resurrection abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to successfully revive a teammate, identify which jobs have this capability, and provide valuable tips to enhance your reviving skills.

How to Revive Someone in Final Fantasy XIV

If you’re a healer main in FFXIV, reviving might seem intuitive. However, other players may find themselves lost with the mechanics of resurrecting. In the absence of a comprehensive tutorial on using Resurrect, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide below.

Check Downed Players

To determine if someone in your party requires a revive, check if their health bar is missing from the left side of your screen. Additionally, you can heal a downed player by directly clicking on their character model, which is helpful if you can’t locate their name on the screen.

Get Close

Once you’ve identified a downed player, position yourself near them. As soon as your revive ability is highlighted, it indicates that you’re within range. If the ability icon darkens, try moving even closer to ensure proximity.

Use Revive and Wait

When you’re within range, activate your raise ability either by clicking on its corresponding slot on the hotbar or by pressing the associated number key. Be patient and wait for the revive to complete. If the revival process gets interrupted, it likely means another healer is already reviving the target.

Reviving in Alliance Raids

Reviving players from other parties in an alliance raid requires attentiveness to the alliance health bars, usually located at the top of the screen (unless repositioned). Locate the downed player and initiate the revive process. While more challenging than reviving players within your own party, it’s recommended to revive any fallen allies you encounter during alliance raids.

Who Can Revive

Various jobs in FFXIV possess the ability to revive teammates. Here is a list of jobs and their respective revive abilities:

  • White Mage – Raise (level 12)
  • Scholar – Resurrection (level 12)
  • Astrologian – Ascend (level 12)
  • Sage – Egeiro (level 12)
  • Red Mage – Verraise (level 64)
  • Summoner – Resurrection (level 12)

Tips for Reviving

Assuming the responsibility of reviving in FFXIV can be overwhelming. Apart from keeping players alive, reviving them when necessary adds to the pressure. Here are some essential tips to alleviate anxiety for new players:

Use Swiftcast

Swiftcast is a valuable ability for healers, especially when it comes to reviving. With the extended cast timer of Raise, Swiftcast ensures that your next ability activates instantly, preventing you from lingering in danger while reviving a teammate.

Revive Healers First

Prioritize reviving healers over DPS (damage dealers) and tanks. In most cases, if a healer, DPS, and tank are down, the healer should be revived first to ensure the party’s overall survivability.

Setup Macros

While macros may spark debate among healers, they can effectively streamline communication and reduce response time. Macros are often utilized to notify the other healer of your intent to revive, preventing both healers from wasting a Swiftcast simultaneously.

Phoenix Down

Phoenix Down is a legendary item present in the Final Fantasy series, renowned for its life-saving properties. However, in FFXIV, Phoenix Down serves little practical purpose and cannot be used in regular duties. Its sole usefulness lies within deep dungeons, and even then, you can only carry one, limiting its effectiveness.

Reviving Yourself

Self-revival is an option in FFXIV, but it comes with various drawbacks that often outweigh its benefits. To revive yourself, simply click “return” or “revive” on the screen after death. However, this action will send you back to the beginning of the dungeon or a designated area. Notably, you will be unable to reenter the arena until the fight concludes, making self-revival generally impractical unless it aligns with the team’s strategy.

Now equipped with the knowledge to revive others in FFXIV, you can confidently tackle challenging encounters and ensure the survival of your party members. Share your experiences in the comments below and let us know the longest you’ve gone without being revived!