The Last of Us Multiplayer Monetization Designer Left Naughty Dog

Hawk-eyed fans have noticed a significant development concerning the multiplayer component of the highly anticipated video game, The Last of Us. Anders Howard, a seasoned industry professional and former Epic Games veteran, joined Naughty Dog as the principal monetization designer for the multiplayer project approximately 11 months ago. However, recent rumors of its cancellation have surfaced following Howard’s departure from the studio in September.

The status of The Last of Us multiplayer, also known as Factions, remains uncertain. Reports suggest that the project’s cancellation is all but confirmed. Nevertheless, neither Naughty Dog nor Sony Interactive Entertainment have officially addressed or debunked these rumors.

Further information has come to light indicating that Naughty Dog underwent a round of layoffs. Subsequently, rumors began circulating that the multiplayer component of TLOU is now “on ice.” While no official statement has been released to confirm these reports, multiple ex-employees of Naughty Dog have confirmed on LinkedIn that they were indeed laid off.

According to reports, the individuals affected by the layoffs were mostly those in contract positions. It remains unclear whether Howard was a contracted employee or a full-time staff member. However, given his role as the “principal monetization designer,” fans are understandably concerned about the future of TLOU’s multiplayer, as its release seems increasingly unlikely in the near future.