Phantom Liberty iconic weapons and where to find them

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty – Discover the New Iconic Weapons Available in the Game

Cyberpunk 2077 has recently expanded its arsenal of weapons with the release of Phantom Liberty. These Iconic Weapons, which are considered the best in the game, can be obtained by completing specific missions and quests. Here is a comprehensive list of the Iconic Weapons added in Phantom Liberty:


If you’re looking to wield the powerful Agaou axe, you must complete the Criminal Activity quest at the Luxor High Wellness Spa.

  • Headshot Damage Multiplier: 125%
  • Special Ability: Shockwave that damages nearby enemies


Alabai is a unique weapon that inflicts burn and always results in a critical hit. The higher the number of enemies inflicted with burn, the greater the critical damage. However, its accuracy is compromised.

Note: Alabai can only be found in Airdrops in Dogtown.


By completing the Go Your Own Way mission, you can acquire the Ambition Iconic weapon. What sets this weapon apart is its ability to apply blind when used.

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle, a powerful revolver, can be looted from Hansen if you side with Reed in Phantom Liberty. It works well when paired with the weapon called Fang, as shooting an enemy’s leg with the Bald Eagle after hitting them with Fang can dismember the enemy and return Fang to you.


For those who prefer fast-firing weapons, the Buzzsaw submachine gun is an excellent choice. It can be obtained by completing a police scanner mission in Watson. Its Iconic feature is the bullet’s ability to penetrate and ricochet through multiple surfaces.


If you want to raise your crit chance by shooting limbs, Carmen is the ideal early-game Iconic weapon for you. It can be earned by completing a mission with Paco, where you experience the events through Hansen’s eyes in a Braindance.


Cheetah is a unique weapon that deals more damage the closer you are to an enemy, encouraging point-blank range combat. You can loot it from Angie at the end of the No Way Out sidequest in Phantom Liberty.

Crime Stopper

This Smart Pistol can be found in the DA’s room in the VIP area of the Heavy Hearts club. It has a chance to disable cyberware and boost crit chance.


Supporting Reed during the Somewhat Damaged mission will reward you with the Crowbar Iconic Weapon. It can be found in the tunnels after defeating Hansen. Its iconic status is due to it being an actual crowbar.


A violent chain sword, the CUT-O-MATIC XMOD-2 can be found in the Tera Cognito area of Dogtown. You’ll need to pull it from the head of a person buried up to their neck. It’s not for the faint of heart.


During the Somewhat Damaged mission, you’ll come across a room full of Maxtech guards. Breaking into the four terminals in that room will grant you access to the schematics for the Erebus machine gun. The bullets of this weapon are infused with power from the Blackwall.


Fang is a knife that complements the Bald Eagle revolver. When you use the Bald Eagle on an enemy’s limbs, Fang returns to you.


This Iconic weapon, found in Slider’s hideout, has the special ability to upload a quick hack on enemies. To acquire it, you’ll need to use Slider’s hidden room key.


By linking your Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 accounts, you’ll receive the Gwynbleidd sword as a reward. This iconic weapon deals extra damage against bosses and has a unique modifier that guarantees critical hits after consecutive kills.


The Hawk iconic Assault Rifle can be found in an apartment while progressing through the Lucretia My Reflection quest. It weakens enemies and marks them on your HUD.

Her Majesty

As you play through the main storyline, you’ll eventually be introduced to a safehouse where you’ll receive the Her Majesty Iconic weapon from Alex. It boasts a massive damage modifier for headshots and the most silent silencer available.

Kyubi X-MOD2

If you’re up for a challenge, you can find the Kyubi X-MOD2 by diving into a deep pool at the Golden Pacific travel point. This iconic weapon grants a +50% bonus to headshot damage.


Similar to Alabai, Laika inflicts burn, resulting in higher critical damage. However, its accuracy is reduced. This Iconic weapon can only be obtained from Airdrops in Dogtown.


Completing the Run This Town mission for Mr. Hands will reward you with the Mancinella power revolver. It allows you to maintain your Stealth bonuses for a short time after entering combat, and headshots have a chance of inflicting poison.

Murphy’s Law

If you side with Songbird in the Firestarter mission, you can loot Murphy’s Law, a one-handed club, from a guard. This weapon deals increased damage with strong attacks and inflicts huge damage against knocked-down enemies.