The games industry unites with SpecialEffect for One Special Day today! | Pocket

Annual One Special Day Fundraising Campaign

Today, SpecialEffect launches its annual One Special Day fundraising campaign, bringing together the games industry to raise money for disabled gamers. The campaign invites gamers to support the charity by purchasing select titles and DLC from industry partners, with a percentage of the revenue going to SpecialEffect. The campaign includes the One Special Day Steam Promotion (October 5-8) and the Mobile Promotion (October 6). Alongside these promotions, various events and activities have already raised over £100,000 ($121,509), and more events are planned for One Special Day.

Supporting Disabled Gamers

SpecialEffect works with over 90 partners and provides assistance to thousands of disabled gamers each year. The charity collaborates with therapists and technical specialists to offer assessments and customized technology loans, with the goal of enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities. Furthermore, SpecialEffect shares its knowledge and insights with hardware and software developers, helping them create more accessible products for disabled users worldwide.

Dr Mick Donegan, founder and CEO of SpecialEffect, expressed gratitude for the support of the games industry, emphasizing that the event is crucial for reaching every disabled person in need of assistance. He also thanked everyone involved in One Special Day, including industry partners, gamers, and donors.

One Special Day: Making a Difference

Throughout the day, One Special Day will be prominently featured on mobile apps, Steam, and social media platforms. Participating companies will spread the campaign’s “Buy, Play, Donate” message to users, signaling their involvement in one of the gaming industry’s largest annual charitable endeavors.

To learn more about SpecialEffect and get involved, visit their official website. And don’t forget to grab some fantastic games and contribute to this worthy cause!