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Inclusivity Concerns Arise Over Bungie’s Use of the Word ‘Latinx’

In an effort to promote inclusivity, Bungie faced criticism after using the term ‘Latinx’ in their announcement of the Latin@Bungie employee resource group and IDEA initiative on X. The word sparked backlash among the Latin community, with many finding it offensive and expressing their disapproval.

The negative responses on X were overwhelming, with users voicing their preference to be referred to as Latino, Latina, or Latine instead. Unfortunately, Bungie’s handling of the situation did nothing to mitigate the issue. The company hid numerous negative replies, further exacerbating the problem as more people voiced their frustrations.

The impact of this publicity disaster on Bungie’s product sales, particularly Destiny 2, remains uncertain. The post managed to alienate potential customers from the Hispanic community, and the company’s lack of action to address the situation has only made matters worse.

The Controversy Surrounding the Use of ‘Latinx’

‘Latinx’ was initially introduced as a gender-neutral term for the Hispanic community by academics and activists aiming to create inclusivity. However, many within the community find the term degrading and offensive. The suffix ‘-x’ is not regarded as gender-neutral in Spanish, negating the purpose for which ‘Latinx’ was coined.

A major reason behind the discontent among Hispanics is that the term was imposed upon them without consultation. The Latinx label originated from individuals outside the community, leading many to view it as an attempt to wrest control of their language. Additionally, critics argue that ‘Latino’ and ‘Latina’ are already inclusive, and the alternative form ‘Latine’ is more widely accepted.

The Importance of Inclusivity in Gaming

Many gaming companies recognize the importance of inclusivity in their products. Beyond expanding their market, the objective is to create games that are accessible to all players and provide safe spaces. This includes incorporating inclusive themes and characters that allow individuals from diverse backgrounds and genders to feel represented and engaged.

Inclusivity is crucial as it allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of gaming and serves as an educational tool, bridging knowledge gaps on various topics. Most importantly, promoting acceptance and diversity through inclusive gaming experiences can foster positive societal relationships.

While companies are encouraged to prioritize inclusivity, it is essential that they approach it with consideration. They should actively engage with their communities to ensure their efforts align with their intended objectives. Bungie’s recent misstep serves as a cautionary example of well-intentioned actions gone awry. Instead, companies should strive to be responsive and accountable, rather than doubling down and suppressing negative feedback.