Telltale Suffers Layoffs, Gives The Wolf Among Us 2 Update

Telltale Games Faces Layoffs and Uncertain Future for The Wolf Among Us 2

Telltale Games, known for its story-driven video games, has recently experienced a round of layoffs, raising concerns about the fate of one of its highly anticipated projects, The Wolf Among Us 2. This is not the first time the company has faced such struggles, as it previously collapsed in 2018, only to be revived under new ownership in 2019.

The Absence of Updates on The Wolf Among Us 2

The situation surrounding the layoffs remained relatively unknown, as Telltale Games intended to handle it discreetly. However, an employee took to Twitter to share their experience, prompting the studio to issue an official statement.

According to Jonah Huang, a former cinematic artist at Telltale Games, “most” of the developers were let go in September. Huang revealed that these employees were required to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) as part of their severance package, preventing them from making any negative remarks about Telltale or damaging its reputation. Huang further explained that he is unable to provide any updates on the progress of The Wolf Among Us 2 due to the NDA.

Telltale Games’ Official Statement

In response to the situation, Telltale Games released an official statement. While the studio did not disclose the exact number of employees affected, it assured that all ongoing projects are still being developed. However, the statement did not provide any specific updates at this time.