Apple iPhone 15 Review – IGN

Now that the iPhone 15 has been on the market for a while, it’s clear that Apple made a good decision by switching to a USB-C charger. While it may not be the standout feature of the new iPhone, the USB-C charger has made a significant difference in terms of convenience. No longer do iPhone users have to carry around multiple chargers for their various devices. This improvement, along with the impressive cameras, performance, and color options, has solidified the iPhone 15 as one of the best smartphones available, particularly for those who have been waiting for Apple to transition away from the Lightning cable.

If you’ve been using an Android phone and have been considering switching to iOS, the iPhone 15 is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Apple iPhone 15 – Design and Features

At first glance, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus may look similar to the iPhone 14, but a closer look reveals some key differences. The most noticeable change is the replacement of the notch with the Dynamic Island, a feature previously exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro. The Dynamic Island is a small area on the display that is usually black but displays icons for certain notifications and statuses. This is also where the front-facing cameras are housed. While other devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, have been able to incorporate selfie cameras under the display, Apple has not yet perfected this technology to its own standards. Until then, the Dynamic Island is a better solution for housing front-facing cameras.

The glass on the back of the iPhone 15 is also different. Apple has managed to infuse the color directly into the glass, preventing discoloration over time. This gives the iPhone 15 a sleek look, especially when used without a case, which has always been the case with Apple’s smartphones. The most significant change, however, is the introduction of the USB-C port at the bottom of the phone. The iPhone 15 Pro comes with USB-C 3.0, while the iPhone 15 has USB-C 2.0, which is slower compared to other phones on the market. This may not be an issue for those who primarily use the iPhone 15 for basic functions, but it’s certainly a drawback for those who transfer a lot of data to and from their phones.

The camera setup remains similar to the iPhone 14, with a two-lens configuration. However, both lenses have been updated to improve image quality. The color options for the iPhone 15 include green, pink, blue, yellow, and black, all of which look stunning. It’s worth noting that the colors have a muted tone, which aligns with Apple’s design aesthetic.

Apple has also introduced a new safety feature that allows users in remote areas or frequent hikers to call for help via satellite. This feature is also available for iPhone 14 users, so there’s no need to upgrade to the iPhone 15 to access this functionality.

Apple iPhone 15 – Camera

When it comes to the camera, the iPhone 15 is a significant improvement over its predecessor. The two-camera setup includes a 48MP main camera and a 12MP telephoto lens, resulting in excellent photo quality. The 12MP TrueDepth front-facing camera is the same as the one found in the iPhone 14 and is capable of capturing great selfies. Portrait mode remains a standout feature of the iPhone camera, and the iPhone 15 now enables it by default whenever a person or pet is detected in the frame.

Apple iPhone 15 – Performance and Gaming

While the iPhone 15 may not have the same gaming capabilities as the iPhone 15 Pro, it still offers impressive performance. Powered by the A16 Bionic chip, the iPhone 15 handles mobile games with ease. The phone’s performance is exceptional, allowing for seamless multitasking between games. Despite heavy gaming usage, the battery life remains impressive, easily lasting throughout the day. However, the USB-C 2.0 connection does not offer fast charging compared to some Android phones. Nevertheless, the USB-C connection is beneficial for gaming purposes, as it allows for compatibility with a wide range of controllers and adapter devices.