Find Humanity in War with Long Gone Days

Long Gone Days: A Unique RPG Experience in a War-Torn World

Long Gone Days is an exciting JRPG that takes place in a near-future version of our war-torn world. This game combines traditional exploration, compelling storytelling, and innovative turn-based combat to explore the power of human connection during times of war. With a strong focus on civilians, language barriers, and borders, Long Gone Days offers a gripping and thought-provoking gaming experience.

Embark on a Journey as Rourke, an Idealistic Fugitive

In Long Gone Days, you step into the shoes of Rourke, a young man who has dedicated his life to becoming a skilled sniper for The Core, a secretive and militaristic nation led by a charismatic leader. Rourke strongly believes in the ideals of his nation, but everything changes when he uncovers a vast conspiracy on his first mission. Overwhelmed by guilt and a crisis of conscience, Rourke decides to desert and becomes a fugitive.

As an idealistic fugitive, Rourke embarks on an epic odyssey to escape the clutches of The Core and prevent the catastrophe they have set in motion. His journey takes him across Europe, where he encounters various language barriers that must be overcome in order to progress. Whether it’s German, Polish, or other languages, Rourke must decipher and understand them to navigate through each country and achieve his goals.

Forge Bonds and Expand Your Skills for Success

Fortunately, Rourke doesn’t have to face this journey alone. Along the way, he forms bonds with a diverse party of companions who contribute not only to the story but also to Rourke’s progress. Each party member brings unique skills and fluency in different languages, allowing Rourke to communicate with locals and effectively navigate each new city.

Meet Adair, a cool and collected soldier who has trained as a medic, and Lynn and Ivan, two civilians caught in the crossfire of the conflict. Lynn is silent but fierce, while Ivan is a pacifist who contributes his foreign language skills and culinary talents to the group. Later in the game, you’ll also meet Atiye and Pascal, two fan-favorite characters with their own compelling stories to share.

The Key to Progression: Overcoming Language Barriers

In Long Gone Days, overcoming language barriers is crucial for progression. When you first arrive in a new city and can’t understand the local language, you’ll experience a sense of alienation and limited freedom, mirroring real-life situations. However, as you unlock the ability to understand and communicate with the locals, you gain access to shops, side quests, and progress various storylines.

Both main and side quests in the game focus on the small stories of specific characters while tying into the larger plot. Whether it’s delivering medicine to a home-bound grandmother, assisting an animal shelter, or countering propaganda through art, each quest offers heartfelt moments that highlight the people and culture of each chapter.

Long Gone Days: Celebrating Humanity Through Language and Empathy

Language and communication are powerful themes in Long Gone Days. While language can initially feel like an insurmountable barrier, the moment connections are made, a new world of understanding and common ground opens up. Long Gone Days beautifully illustrates the beauty of human connection, regardless of circumstances or nationality, through its unique language mechanics.

Long Gone Days is now available on Xbox. Join Rourke on his journey to fight for a future he truly believes in. For more updates on the game, follow @SerenityForge on Twitter!