Best Amazon Prime Day board game deals of October 2023

Amazon Prime Day 2023 Board Game Deals: Find Your Next Favorite Game

Amazon Prime Day has been a haven for board game enthusiasts in recent years, and this year’s October Prime Day is no different. At Polygon, we’ve scoured the website to bring you the best deals on board games. Whether you’re looking for a few new titles or a complete collection overhaul, now is the perfect time to take a chance on a new game.

Highlights of October Prime Day

  • Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game – This solid card game doesn’t require any collecting as everything you need is included in the box.
  • Robo Rally – Beloved by many, this game revolves around programming adorable robots. The new reprint from Renegade, the game’s new publisher, is fantastic.
  • ISS Vanguard and The Witcher: Old World (Deluxe Edition) – These crowdfunding successes, inspired by Mass Effect and The Witcher, respectively, are available at a steal.
  • Handmade Chess Sets – If anyone in your family has a newfound love for chess, we’ve found a few exquisite handmade sets that will elevate their game.

Expand Your Collection

If you’re looking to diversify your tabletop collection, we’ve also gathered the best Prime Day 2023 deals on Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and other tabletop games.

Deals on New Board Games

Take advantage of these discounts on fresh board games:

  • Diplomacy – Now $29.49 (originally $44.99)
  • Namji (sequel to Tokaido) – Now $24.49 (originally $44.99)
  • Tokaido

Deals on Modern Classic Board Games

Enjoy discounts on these beloved classic board games:

  • Concept

Deals on Strategy Board Games

Sharpen your strategic skills with these discounted games:

  • Chess

Deals on Collector’s Editions

Elevate your gaming experience with these collector’s editions:

Deals on Disney and Disney Villainous Games

Immerse yourself in the magical worlds of Disney with these discounted games:

Deals on Miniatures Games

Engage in epic battles with these miniature-based games:

Deals on Games like Exploding Kittens

Looking for some quirky fun? Check out these discounted games:

Deals on Family-Friendly Games

Delight the whole family with these discounted games:

Other Must-Play Titles

Discover these highly recommended games on sale:

If you’re interested in more deals, be sure to check out all of Polygon’s favorite Prime Day 2023 deals right here.