How To Get & Unlock

Discover the steps to unlock the powerful Dark Crusader class in the popular video game Lords of the Fallen. While this sequel to the original game is developed by a different studio, it still falls into the Soulslike category of AAA games. Starting off with a selection of 10 classes, the Dark Crusader is initially locked. However, by fulfilling certain requirements, players can obtain this Paladin-based class and harness its unique abilities. Keep reading to find out how to unlock and start playing as the Dark Crusader.

Unlocking the Dark Crusader Class in Lords of the Fallen

lords of the fallen unlock dark crusader class

To obtain the Dark Crusader class straight from the start, players have two options. One way is to purchase the Deluxe edition of the game, which allows immediate access to the class. Players can either pre-order the game or directly buy the Deluxe version. Alternatively, players can unlock the Dark Crusader class by completing a playthrough and reaching one of the game’s endings. This means that it is also possible to unlock the class without spending real money. Keep in mind, however, that completing the main campaign without side quests or exploration takes roughly 40 hours.

The Dark Crusader class is well-suited for players who prefer a relentless and aggressive playstyle. It excels in using Radiant Powers and relies on heavy melee attacks that combine both magic and physical force. Here are the starting stats for the Dark Crusader class:

  • Strength – 12
  • Agility – 8
  • Endurance – 14
  • Vitality – 14
  • Radiance – 11
  • Inferno – 8

Similar to other starting classes, players will unlock various items when choosing the Dark Crusader class. In addition to the Sanguinarix and Umbral Lamp, players will also obtain the following accessories:


  • Paladin Isaac’s Sword
  • Radiantburst Parchment
  • Throwing Hand


  • Paladin Helm
  • Paladin Armour (Top)
  • Paladin Leggings (Bottom)
  • Paladin Gauntlets

That concludes this guide on how to unlock the Dark Crusader class in Lords of the Fallen. If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out more Lords of the Fallen Guides and Video Gaming Guides for other amazing games available on Gamer Tweak.