Best Outfits in Starfield

The Best Outfits in Starfield for Your Galactic Adventures

When it comes to exploring the vast galaxy of Starfield, your outfits play a crucial role in both functionality and style. While your spacesuit is essential for survival, there are times when you can breathe freely and showcase different outfits. In this guide, we’ll highlight some of the best outfits in Starfield to enhance your gameplay experience.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Fitted Business Suit: Looking the Part of a Persuasive Space Explorer

When it comes to convincing others during missions, appearances matter. The Fitted Business Suit is a top choice, offering a 10% increase in Persuasion chance. Pair it with an alcoholic beverage to give your skills an additional boost. Most other outfits in this category only provide a 5% increase. You can acquire the Fitted Business Suit by completing the Sowing Discord faction mission for Ryujin Industries.

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Blue UC Leather Jumpsuit: A Practical and Health-Boosting Attire

If you find yourself needing an extra health and O2 boost, the Blue UC Leather Jumpsuit is a fantastic choice. This outfit provides +5 Health and O2, which proves useful during long-distance runs. It’s especially helpful if you haven’t invested much in your Fitness skill.

Space Trucker Flannel: Carrying More Resources with Style

For those explorers who love to scavenge and hoard resources, the Space Trucker Flannel is a must-have. With a +5 Carry Capacity bonus, it allows you to carry more items without becoming encumbered. While other outfits provide the same effect, they lack the style and charm of the Space Trucker Flannel. Plus, who doesn’t want to channel their inner Ron Swanson?

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Starfield Operative Suit
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Operative Suit: Embrace the Shadows and Become a Stealthy Operative

For those who prefer a more covert approach, the Operative Suit is an essential outfit. It grants a 25% decrease in detection, making it invaluable when dealing with missions involving multiple factions. Combine it with the Stealth skill to completely change your combat strategies. No more regrettable outcomes from reckless gunfights!

Swimsuit: Stay Oxygenated and Show Off Your Physique

If you’re looking for a versatile and refreshing outfit, the Swimsuit is a great option. With a -5% O2 consumption, you can remain active for longer periods of time, especially when paired with the Fitness skill. Additionally, it allows you to flaunt your physique. Just remember, you won’t find it in stores – you’ll have to get a little sneaky and steal it!

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Starfield Aito Suzuki
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Apparel Accessories from Aito Suzuki

  • Neuroboost Mark III – +15% intimidation chance
  • Neurocom Mark III – +15% Diplomacy chance
  • Neurotac Mark III – +15% Instigation chance

In addition to the outfits mentioned above, you’ll encounter various other equipment throughout the galaxy. To stay prepared, it’s wise to keep outfits with different perks on hand, allowing you to adapt to various situations. While you can only wear one outfit at a time, their lightweight nature makes them valuable assets during your adventures in Starfield.

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