Crusader Kings 3: Legacy of Persia is launching in November

Confirmation of Upcoming Release for Crusader Kings 3’s “Legacy of Persia” Flavor Pack

It has been officially announced that Crusader Kings 3 will be releasing its latest Flavor Pack, Legacy of Persia, on November 9. The exciting news was unveiled in a recently released trailer. The pack is part of the highly anticipated Crusader Kings 3: Chapter 2, a bundle packed with additional content for one of the finest PC strategy games available.

The Legacy of Persia synopsis on Steam describes the new add-on as, “a chance to relive the intense struggle for survival and empire within the lands between the Euphrates and the Indus.” This Flavor Pack offers a deep dive into the culture and history of medieval Persia, while introducing fresh systems for Clan government rulers and expanding on the Islamic and Zoroastrian religions that dominated the region during that era.

In addition to introducing more buildings, interactions, and decisions for Persian rulers, the pack will bring new Iranian traditions, such as Court Scholars, along with eight new music tracks. Persian buildings have undergone a redesign, and Persian characters have received new clothing options.

For those unfamiliar, the other add-ons featured in Chapter 2 are the Tours and Tournaments expansion, which introduces Tournaments, Grand Weddings, and the ability to bestow honors on knights, as well as the Wards and Wardens event pack, which focuses on child rulers and guardians and allows players to shape the personalities and abilities of these important youngsters. The clothing pack Elegance of the Empire, inspired by the regalia of Emperor Henry II and Empress Cunigunde, is also included.

Three additional add-ons for Chapter 2 are currently available for download.

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