Loki’s Mobius already got his Jet Ski in Marvel Snap

In the world of Marvel Snap, TVA agent Mobius M. Mobius, famously portrayed by Owen Wilson in Loki, is fulfilling his dream of riding a Jet Ski. Recently, developer Second Dinner released a variant Mobius M. Mobius card in their digital card game, allowing players to experience the joy of Jet Skiing virtually. While the card was included in a pricey bundle, players may still have a chance to obtain it through the game’s rotating shop. This release coincides with Marvel Snap’s themed seasons, and the latest season is focused on the Loki and TVA storyline. With the introduction of the Jet Ski card, fans eagerly anticipate the possibility of seeing Mobius on a real Jet Ski in the live-action series. It’s a thrilling moment that could be accompanied by Owen Wilson’s famous “Wow.”

Marvel Snap Features Mobius M. Mobius Riding a Jet Ski

In Marvel Studios’ Loki, Mobius M. Mobius expresses his deep desire to ride a Jet Ski outside of his responsibilities as a TVA agent. He describes it as a “beautiful union of form and function,” showcasing his passion for this personal watercraft. While fans have yet to see Mobius fulfill his dream in Loki season 2, they can experience it in the digital card game, Marvel Snap. Developer Second Dinner introduced a variant Mobius M. Mobius card that allows players to envision the agent riding a Jet Ski.

Jet Ski Card Included in the “Form and Function” Bundle

Marvel Snap players had the opportunity to acquire the Mobius M. Mobius Jet Ski card through the “Form and Function” bundle. This bundle also featured a Sylvie-inspired Enchantress card. However, the cost of the bundle was high, amounting to 7,500 in-game gold or nearly $99.99. Fortunately, players can still obtain the card through the rotating shop, although it requires patience or luck with the shop’s random number generator (RNG).

Marvel Snap Aligns Releases with Themed Seasons

Marvel and Second Dinner strategically coordinate the release of new cards and seasons for Marvel Snap. The most recent season focuses on Loki and the TVA, offering cards based on popular characters like Loki himself, Ravonna Renslayer, and the enigmatic Alioth. Following the Loki-themed season, Marvel Snap transitions into spooky content, featuring characters such as Man-Thing, Elsa Bloodstone, and the upcoming arrival of Werewolf by Night.

A Possible Teaser for Live-Action Mobius on a Jet Ski

While the Mobius M. Mobius Jet Ski card in Marvel Snap is a virtual experience, it could serve as a hint for an exciting moment in the live-action series. Fans speculate that Mobius might finally ride a Jet Ski on screen, fulfilling his longing from Loki season 1. This anticipated scene could also feature Owen Wilson’s iconic “Wow” catchphrase, delighting fans and capturing the essence of the character’s enthusiasm.