FFXIV – What Is the Best Race?

What is the Best Race in FFXIV?

When it comes to choosing the best race in FFXIV, opinions may vary. Each player has their own set of priorities that guide them in selecting a race. While the bonus stats for each race may have little effect on gameplay or final stats, there are plenty of other factors to consider.

Pros and Cons of Each Race

Every race in FFXIV has its own pros and cons. Some of these are practical, while others relate more to appearance and style.


  • Strength – 22 for Midlander, 23 for Highlander
  • Vitality – 20 for Midlander, 22 for Highlander
  • Dexterity – 23 for Midlander, 20 for Highlander
  • Intelligence – 23 for Midlander, 18 for Highlander
  • Mind – 19 for Midlander, 20 for Highlander

The Hyur race is the most popular choice among new players in FFXIV. However, endgame characters tend to lean towards other races like Au Ra and Miqo’te. FFXIV Census data reveals that approximately one-third of all characters are Hyur, making them a significant presence in the game.


  • Strength – 20 for Wildwood, 20 for Duskwight
  • Vitality – 19 for Wildwood, 19 for Duskwight
  • Dexterity – 23 for Wildwood, 20 for Duskwight
  • Intelligence – 22 for Wildwood, 23 for Duskwight
  • Mind – 19 for Wildwood, 21 for Duskwight

Elezen are a tall and slender race with elf-like features. Players who prefer a more delicate and elegant appearance often choose Elezen. Their lack of restrictions on clothing options is also a bonus.


  • Strength – 19 for Plainsfolk, 19 for Dunesfolk
  • Vitality – 19 for Plainsfolk, 18 for Dunesfolk
  • Dexterity – 23 for Plainsfolk, 21 for Dunesfolk
  • Intelligence – 22 for Plainsfolk, 22 for Dunesfolk
  • Mind – 20 for Plainsfolk, 23 for Dunesfolk

Lalafell may not be the most popular race overall, but they have a dedicated player base and are often adored by other races. Their adorable appearance and charm make them stand out. However, they may also face stereotypes and be treated as childlike.


  • Strength – 22 for Seeker of the Sun, 19 for Keeper of the Moon
  • Vitality – 20 for Seeker of the Sun, 18 for Keeper of the Moon
  • Dexterity – 23 for Seeker of the Sun, 22 for Keeper of the Moon
  • Intelligence – 19 for Seeker of the Sun, 21 for Keeper of the Moon
  • Mind – 19 for Seeker of the Sun, 23 for Keeper of the Moon

Miqo’te is a highly popular race among veteran FFXIV players. Around one in four veteran players choose to be Miqo’te, making them one of the most favored races for players using Fantasia. Their cute and agile appearance, especially for female characters, makes them a popular choice. However, the race may face some unfair criticism due to their popularity.

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