Lost Ark’s Halloween update, Monster Bash, is now live – and so is the Trial Caliligos Guardian raid

Lost Ark’s October update, Monster Bash, is here, bringing along spooky new features and content. Players can now enjoy “scary new customization options” and dress up as witches and demons. Additionally, they can wield new weapons designed to frighten their enemies. To add to the Halloween spirit, players can also have their very own Little Ghost Pet.

Lost Ark: Halloween Skins

The update also introduces the Trial Caliligos Guardian Raid, a challenging experience comparable to the Inferno difficulty of Legion Raids. Players who succeed in vanquishing the Guardian Caliligos can earn prestigious rewards such as the Trophy (Thunderproof) and the Legendary Title (Thunderstrike).

In response to player feedback, Lost Ark has made the raid available at a more convenient time for all regions. The raid is now live at 7pm UTC today (14th October), which is 6pm in the UK and 12pm PT.

Furthermore, the October update adds a new continent called Pleccia for players to explore. By solving the mystery surrounding the Vediche family and delving into Armen’s memories, players can uncover the full story. However, only players at level 1475 or higher can access this continent. Complete the Call of Destiny Main Story Quest to enter this land of romance, art, and freedom and enjoy breathtaking views from Prehilia Prairie and Pleccia Port. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to meet new NPCs and obtain unique collectible items and awards.

For more information, visit the official Lost Ark website. Happy Monster Bashing!

In other news, as part of its first anniversary celebrations, Lost Ark shared intriguing statistics about the game. Notably, players died to Guardians significantly more often than Guardians dying to players, with 1,672,050,487 player deaths compared to 99,281,741 dead Guardians. PvP matches saw a total of 16,294,441 battles, resulting in 192,894,473 player kills and a staggering 29,695,327,291,260 damage dealt.