Is Alan Wake 2 coming to Game Pass?

Will Alan Wake 2 be Available on Xbox Game Pass?

The highly anticipated release of Alan Wake 2 has generated a great deal of excitement among fans. Both long-time followers of the series and newcomers are eagerly awaiting the next installment of this atmospheric thriller. However, amidst all of this anticipation, there is one burning question on everyone’s mind: Will Alan Wake 2 be available on Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, there is currently no official confirmation regarding the inclusion of Alan Wake 2 in the Xbox Game Pass library. The availability of a game on Game Pass can be influenced by various factors, such as publisher deals and licensing agreements.

The original Alan Wake game and its spin-off, American Nightmare, were previously available on Game Pass. However, this was primarily due to their status as Microsoft Game Studios’ published titles at the time. Similarly, Remedy Entertainment’s 2019 game Control was added to Xbox Game Pass in 2020 through an agreement between the publisher, 505 Games, and Xbox.

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Image: Remedy

However, with Alan Wake 2, the situation is different. The game is being published by Epic Games Publishing, who also published Alan Wake Remastered. This suggests that there may be distinct arrangements in place for the sequel compared to the original Alan Wake. Furthermore, the absence of Epic’s Alan Wake Remastered from Game Pass indicates that it may be some time before we see the sequel on the subscription service.

Epic Games Publishing would naturally prioritize maximizing initial sales through their own storefront rather than Game Pass. They aim to recoup their investment as quickly as possible. It is possible that Alan Wake 2 may eventually arrive on Game Pass, but historical indications suggest that it might take at least a year or longer for that to happen. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Alan Wake 2 is priced slightly lower than many modern games today.

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