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As you delve deeper into the world of Lords of the Fallen, you’ll amass a collection of Umbral Scourings. These valuable items serve as currency for purchasing boss-related abilities and equipment known as Remembrances from Molhu at the Skyrest hub.

Boss items in Lords of the Fallen can greatly enhance your character if you focus on specific accessories and stats. It may be worth trading some of your currency for powerful weapons or armor, depending on your desired build. This guide will show you various methods to acquire Umbral Scouring.

Why Players in Lords of the Fallen Seek Scouring

Umbral Scouring plays a crucial role in enhancing your gear and abilities. Additionally, if you want to acquire Remembrances, you’ll need a significant amount of Umbral Scouring. While you can obtain this currency by interacting with Umbral Stigmas and defeating bosses, we will explore more methods in this guide.

Getting Umbral Scouring

There are multiple ways to obtain Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen.

Slay Unique Umbral Enemies

Occasionally, Umbral Scouring will drop from Umbral enemies, such as the zombie-spawning fliers or the reaper. Increasing your Radiance stat can improve your drop rate, although it doesn’t guarantee currency every time.

In later zones of the game, like Pilgrim’s Perch and Calrath, you’ll encounter unique Umbral enemies. To maximize your farming efficiency, we highly recommend planting a Vestige Seedling near their spawn points. This will serve as a checkpoint when you venture deep into monster territory.

Summoning the Red Reaper Using the Dread Meter

Filling the Dread Meter is a straightforward process. First, take a lantern and enter the Umbral Realm. You’ll notice an eye in the upper-right corner of your screen, representing the Dread Meter. When the eye is closed, you are in a safe area, but when it’s open, you are not.

Find a place in the Umbral Realm where you can keep the eye consistently open. Wait until the eye reaches x3, which is the number displayed above it. Initially, it will be x1, but it increases the longer you wait. While waiting, you have the option to kill enemies or explore.

The key is to ensure the eye remains open. If you enter a safe zone in the Umbral Realm and the eye closes for an extended period, the number will reset, and you’ll need to wait for it to reach x3 again. Once the Dread Meter reaches x3, the eye will turn red, signaling the appearance of the Red Reaper.

How to Defeat the Red Reaper in Lords of the Fallen

The Red Reaper is the most powerful Umbral Entity in the game. However, your efforts will be rewarded with 5 Umbral Scouring once you defeat it. Here are some tips to help you in the battle:

  • Prior to the Red Reaper diving underground, try to defeat it. This will allow you to avoid a lengthy fight.
  • Be cautious of the Red Reaper’s powerful scythe attacks, as they can easily eliminate you. Keep moving and dodging until you find an opportunity to strike.
  • Since you’ll be constantly on the move, it’s best to use a weapon that can deal decent damage quickly. Daggers and Fists are particularly effective in this scenario.

Interact With Umbral Stigmas

To get more Umbral Scouring, interact with Umbral Stigmas. These Stigmas are fragments of past events and appear as blue moths in the Axiom Realm. Approach the moths, transition into Umbral, and use a Soulflay on the Stigma to activate it. You’ll witness a brief flashback of a past life and receive an Umbral Scouring as a reward.

You’re not required to listen to the entire past life of a character. If you’re in a hurry to receive your Umbral Scouring, you can skip it, and the currency will still be added to your inventory. Umbral Stigmas typically award 2 Umbral Scourings, and sometimes even more.

Final Touches

And that concludes the best ways to farm Umbral Scourings in Lords of the Fallen! It will take some time and effort to acquire them, but it’s worth it for the powerful boss items, as well as the weapon and armor sets that will elevate your character to the next level.