Pokémon Go’s new Party Play feature lets you group up, if you physically stick together

Pokémon Go Introduces Party Play Multiplayer Feature

Pokémon Go has announced the upcoming release of Party Play, a new multiplayer feature that aims to enhance the gameplay experience for players. This exciting addition comes seven years after the initial release of the popular monster collection app.

Party Play is designed to reward groups of players who are playing alongside each other in the real world. By participating in Party Play, players will enjoy gameplay bonuses, extra challenges, and the ability to see each other’s avatars on Pokémon Go’s in-game map.

One of the most appealing aspects of Party Play is the Party Power raid bonus. This bonus will double the damage of Charged Attacks in the game’s popular PVE battles, providing a significant advantage for players.

However, it is important for players to stay relatively close to their fellow players when grouped up in a party. The proximity required is approximately equivalent to the interaction radius of a PokéStop. Players who stray too far apart will receive a warning indicating they are getting too far away.

Party Play is set to launch on October 17th at 9am local time. Additionally, a raid weekend featuring the debut of Shiny-possible Shadow Lugia is also on the horizon, allowing players to team up with their party of friends and take on the boss in battle.

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, has stated that Party Play will continue to evolve over time. Tim Nguyen, senior producer of Pokémon Go, hinted at something special planned for the feature in the yet-to-be-announced finale event of this season.

Screenshot of Pokémon Go Party Play menu and QR code for inviting nearby friends
Join a party from the new Party menu and embark on collective goals with your friends. | Image credit: Niantic
Screenshot of Pokémon Go Party Play raid battle bonus with increased damage effects
The Party Power raid bonus allows players to defeat boss battles with fewer participants when in a Party. | Image credit: Niantic

Once Party Play is available, players will find a new tab in the player menu that allows them to start a party by sharing a QR code. This means players can form parties with both friends and new acquaintances they encounter during events like Community Day or Go Fest.

Parties can consist of two to four players, and the party host will have the opportunity to select Party Challenges for the group to tackle together. These challenges will provide rewards and will require the group to achieve a shared goal, such as catching a certain number of Pokémon. The group will have access to a wide range of statistics to track their progress.

In addition to these features, Party Play also includes the ability for party members to be invited to raid battles if one member enters the raid. Lastly, exclusive avatar rewards can be unlocked through Party Play, including Eevee T-shirts for both the player and their friends.