What is Wither in Lords of the Fallen Explained (LotF)

What is Withered Health in Lords of the Fallen?

In the game Lords of the Fallen, there is a unique and thrilling mechanic that greatly influences combat. This mechanic is called “Wither.” Withered health is a status effect that directly affects your character’s health. You can recognize it when a gray bar overlaps a portion of your health bar. While withered health may seem detrimental, it can also provide a second chance for skilled players. To fully understand the concept, it’s important to know exactly what withered health entails.

How Does Withered Health Work?

Withered health is both a curse and a blessing. On one hand, it puts players in a dangerous and precarious situation. On the other hand, it provides an opportunity for a second chance. Your health can wither in two scenarios: when you get hit with an attack that applies wither, or when you block an attack. Blocking and parrying damage will not directly deplete your health but will wither it instead.

Interestingly, withering your health opens the possibility for recovery. With each successful hit you make, you will regain a portion of your withered health. This means that while blocking and parrying may initially wither your health, landing successful hits will quickly restore it. However, it’s crucial to note that even a small amount of damage received will cause you to lose all of your withered health and take the full brunt of the hit.

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Wither and Umbral in Lords of the Fallen

Wither and withering are closely tied to the Umbral in Lords of the Fallen. When you enter the Umbral Realm, your health will be withered. Additionally, if you use your Sanguinarix while in the Umbral Realm, half of the health you should gain will be withered. This means you must attack enemies to receive the full portion of health. Monitoring the state of your withered health becomes even more crucial in the Umbral Realm.

Fortunately, the Umbral Lamp can be used to siphon enemies by using your light attack button. This allows you to replenish your health. However, the health you gain through this method will still be withered, requiring you to attack enemies to properly restore your health.

I hope this explanation has clarified the concept of withered health in Lords of the Fallen. For more helpful guides and assistance, feel free to explore PC Invasion.