Yuri Lowenthal Talks Mortal Kombat, Persona, & Hellboy

Renowned Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal Talks About Recent Roles in Video Games

PlayStation LifeStyle recently had the opportunity to speak with Yuri Lowenthal, a renowned voice actor. In the interview, Lowenthal discusses his experience working on the Mortal Kombat franchise and his fondness for his character in Persona 4.

Exploring Mortal Kombat as a Newcomer

Lowenthal reveals that he was not heavily invested in the Mortal Kombat franchise before taking on the role of Smoke in Mortal Kombat 1. Despite this, he tackles the character with enthusiasm. Lowenthal shares an amusing anecdote about his initial lack of knowledge regarding Smoke, but quickly became acquainted with the history and lore of the character. Lowenthal also talks about his familiarity with performing various death sounds, which are common in combat games and play to his strengths as a voice actor.

Yosuke Hanamura: A Character Close to the Actor’s Heart

Lowenthal expresses his adoration for Yosuke Hanamura, a character from Persona 4. He sees Yosuke as a reflection of himself, with his awkwardness and loyalty to his friends. Lowenthal hopes to reprise this role in the future, whether it be in a dancing game or a remake. He speaks highly of the franchise and the bond he formed with the cast and crew while working on it.

Dreaming of Additional Iconic Heroes

A self-proclaimed nerd, Lowenthal reveals his desire to voice other iconic heroes. He admits to always auditioning for Batman, despite knowing that his voice is more suited for Robin. Lowenthal also expresses a deep appreciation for Moon Knight, a character he has loved since the ’80s. He jokes about annoying Brian Intihar by trying to incorporate Moon Knight into the Spider-Man games. Additionally, he mentions his love for the BPRD universe and the possibility of being involved in a BPRD show or game. Lowenthal’s enthusiasm for genre material is evident as he discusses his passion for various fandoms.

Possible Future Roles

When asked if there are any specific characters he hopes to portray, Lowenthal expresses his interest in playing Lobster Johnson. He concludes the interview by expressing his belief that there are still plenty of exciting roles awaiting him in the realm of voice acting.