All Pyro characters in Genshin Impact, ranked

Genshin Impact Pyro Characters: A Ranking of the Fiery Heroes

In Genshin Impact, the characters are categorized into seven different elements, each with its own unique abilities and reactions. Among these elements, Pyro stands out as one of the strongest and most ferocious elements. It’s all about setting fires and watching them burn. Pyro characters excel in creating strong reactions like Vaporize or Melt, making them some of the most formidable characters in the game. If you’re curious about the Pyro characters in Genshin Impact, here’s our ranking of each one.

Xinyan: A Character for Die-Hard Fans
Xinyan may not be the most impressive Pyro character overall. Her strongest build is as a Physical DPS, but even then, she falls behind other competitors. Whether you want her as a main DPS or a support, there are many other characters who outshine her. However, if you’re a fan of Xinyan and love her rock and roll vibe, then by all means build her. She may not be the best, but she’s still cool.

Amber: Not as Bad as You Think
Contrary to popular belief, Amber is not the worst Pyro character in the game. In fact, she’s not even the worst character overall, especially if you can unlock her constellations. Amber is free for all players, obtained while progressing through the game’s story. While she may not have the best reputation, Amber can still dish out significant damage with her Baron Bunnies ability. Her Elemental Burst is also an effective way to apply Pyro on enemies quickly. When paired with the right team, she can be a valuable asset. So don’t write her off completely.

Yanfei: A Budget Pyro DPS
Yanfei is a 4-star Pyro DPS character who shares a playstyle similar to stronger counterparts like Hu Tao or Yoimiya. She excels as an on-field Pyro DPS, consistently applying Pyro to trigger powerful elemental reactions. While Yanfei can deal a significant amount of damage and function as your main DPS, she’s a more budget-friendly option compared to other characters. If you have the resources for a stronger character, you might want to consider other options. But for free-to-play players, Yanfei is a solid choice.

Thoma: Niche Pyro Shielder
Thoma is a Pyro shielder who gained newfound popularity with the introduction of the Dendro element. He’s a strong unit for compositions that rely on the “Burning” reaction. However, outside of Dendro teams, Thoma doesn’t stand out as much compared to other supports. While he can still be a capable support, there may be better options available for your team.

Dehya: Controversial Yet Usable
Dehya caused quite a stir when she was released and is often considered one of the weakest 5-star characters in the game. While she may not be as powerful as her Pyro counterparts, Dehya is far from weak. Her defensive utility may not be as reliable as other characters, and her damage output may not be the highest. However, with the right team composition and strategy, you can make Dehya work.

Klee: A Fallen Star
Klee was once one of the strongest Pyro characters in the game but has since fallen off the meta. Her damage can still be explosive, but she has a challenging playstyle due to her fragility and vulnerability to crowd control. Learning animation cancels is essential to maximize her damage output. While Klee is by no means weak, other 5-star characters have surpassed her in terms of damage potential.

Diluc: A Solid Choice
Diluc, a 5-star character available in the Standard Banner, is undeniably one of the coolest characters in Genshin Impact. As one of the original powerhouse characters, Diluc has become a bit overshadowed by more recent Pyro options due to power creep. Nevertheless, he remains a strong character in his own right. While he may not be the strongest Pyro DPS anymore, Diluc is still a solid choice for your team.

Yoimiya: A Pyro DPS with Weaknesses
Yoimiya faced some initial scrutiny upon release but has proven herself to be a formidable Pyro DPS character with the right supports. Her main weakness lies in getting interrupted during attacks. Yoimiya excels in dealing single-target damage but struggles against multiple enemies. She requires precise dodging skills to avoid getting knocked around. While she may not be as straightforward to play as some other characters, Yoimiya can still dish out impressive damage.

Hu Tao: The Hyper Carry
Hu Tao is a strong hyper carry character who shares similarities with Yoimiya. Her Normal and Charged Attacks are infused with Pyro energy, making all her hits deal Pyro damage. Overall, Hu Tao’s damage output tends to be higher than Yoimiya’s. However, she has a higher skill ceiling and requires mastering animation cancels to unleash her full potential. If you’re up for the challenge, Hu Tao can be an incredibly rewarding character to play.

Lyney: The Damage Dealer
Lyney, a new 5-star character from Fontaine, specializes in dealing massive damage with his Charged Attacks. He excels in mono-Pyro teams, thanks to his ascension passive, which increases his damage based on the number of Pyro characters in his team. While building a team with Lyney has some restrictions, his potential for damage is unmatched.

Xiangling: A Surprise Package
Xiangling, a 4-star character, often surprises players with her incredible damage output. Despite being a lower rarity character, she can deal insane damage with her Pyronado ability. While logic would suggest that 5-star characters should outshine 4-star characters, Xiangling is an exception. Her strength lies in her ability to dish out punishment, making her one of the strongest characters in the game overall.

In Genshin Impact, Pyro characters bring the heat to the battlefield with their powerful elemental abilities. While some characters may not be as strong as others, each one has its own unique qualities that can be valuable in different situations. So choose your Pyro team members wisely and set the world ablaze with their fiery prowess.