Slay Vampires in Diablo IV’s Season of Blood

Greetings wanderers. Whether you have already conquered the nightmarish terrains of Sanctuary, or you’re intrigued by a thrilling new experience, Diablo IV’s Season of Blood brings fresh life to the diverse paths that players tread. On October 17, Diablo IV will introduce a multitude of quality-of-life improvements and unleash a bloodthirsty invasion. Leveling up to 100 is now much faster, more Endgame Bosses have been added, and numerous changes have been implemented throughout the game.

Skip the Campaign, Dive Into the Season

Starting with the Season of Blood, players will have the option to skip the Campaign after completing the Missing Pieces quest from the Prologue on the Seasonal Realm. This change allows you to jump straight into the Seasonal content, accelerating your path to mastery in blood-soaked arts. For those eager to embark on the Seasonal adventures alongside their trusty comrades, this update is tailor-made for you!

Bloodthirsty Foes Descend Upon Sanctuary

In Diablo IV’s Season of Blood, players must face off against new monstrous adversaries – Vampires, Blood Skeletons, and Blood Seekers threaten the very existence of Sanctuary’s inhabitants. Embark on a fresh Season Journey, engage in an enthralling Questline, harness 22 Vampiric Powers, and delve into the Battle Pass and more. Battle Lord Zir’s dark minions to unlock the secrets of their malevolent arts.

Fresh Blood, Fresh Start

In Diablo IV, each Season begins with players creating a new character in the Seasonal Realm. As everyone starts afresh, the beginning of a new Season presents the perfect opportunity to defend Sanctuary alongside fellow warriors on the same path. Fear not! After the Season of Blood concludes, your Seasonal Character becomes part of the Eternal Realm. Here, you can continue your progression, level up, and slay demons at your leisure. If you have aided the inhabitants of Sanctuary before, any earned renown will provide an advantage when commencing a new journey. All earned Renown Rewards persist between characters on the same Realm, giving you an immediate advantage. This includes increased Potion capacity, Murmuring Obols Capacity, and additional Skill Points.

The Road to Hell is Paved with Slain Demons

Achieving Level 100 with a character requires cunning, determination, and grit – it’s no small feat. With the Season of Blood, the team has made several changes to make reaching Level 100 significantly faster in both the Seasonal and Eternal Realms. The community’s feedback to decrease the time spent reaching Level 100 and to introduce more meaningful content beyond Level 50 has been heard. The update on October 17 includes numerous changes to core game mechanics to aid wanderers on their glorious journey. Experience gained from killing monsters at Level 50 and above has been significantly increased and scales as you level up. Experience bonuses, such as Elixirs and Seasonal Blessings, are now multiplicative with the World Tier bonus. Nightmare Dungeon layouts have been improved to ensure players don’t miss out on key objectives, reducing the need for backtracking. Monster density has also been increased in Dungeons, resulting in more brutal carnage. Thanks to these changes and many others, the overall journey to Level 100 is now about 40% faster.

The Chase to the Endgame

On the path to greatness, new and familiar threats arise to challenge even the most formidable warriors. Starting in World Tier III, Uber difficulty bosses become available, each with the ability to drop exclusive Uniques – items that offer rare and powerful upgrades to your character. Engaging these bosses requires different materials and conditions. Fighting the mighty Echo of Duriel, for example, requires playing in World Tier IV and utilizing resources gained from other Uber boss fights. The community requested more Endgame activities and better farming opportunities for Unique and Uber Unique items. This group of Endgame bosses has been created to provide a challenge for high-level players while offering a fun and intense way to acquire sought-after items.

These Endgame bosses also drop exquisite cosmetics – use them to give your character and Mount a stylish makeover. Defeating the Echo of Duriel grants you a chance to earn the Smoldering Brimstone Mount. The Endgame experience for wanderers has been enhanced with significantly increased Gold and experience gained from Helltide Chests, Grim Favors, and completing individual Whisper tasks. For those who love collecting loot, items of lower rarity in higher World Tiers now drop as materials, freeing up valuable inventory space.


This is just a glimpse of what awaits in the Season of Blood – a thrilling Season Journey, quality-of-life improvements, and engaging Endgame challenges. Classes have been adjusted, Damage has been rebalanced, Unique items have undergone a major overhaul, and much more! For a comprehensive look at all the exciting changes arriving on October 17, make sure to read our Diablo IV patch notes. Gear up for fierce new challenges and Lord Zir’s vampiric onslaught in the Season of Blood.