CoD: Warzone And DMZ – How To Beat All Operation Nightmare Bosses

The Haunting event in Warzone’s Al Mazrah brings a nighttime version of the map that is overrun with demons and spooky bosses. If you want to earn unique rewards, you’ll need to defeat each boss in Operation Nightmare. Here’s a guide on how to defeat each boss and unlock all the rewards.

All Bosses and Rewards

Each boss fight unlocks its own unique calling card reward. Defeating all the bosses will also unlock the Bloody Mess weapon blueprint for the BAS-P submachine gun.

The Butcher

The Butcher from Diablo IV makes an appearance in Al Mazrah. The boss can spawn at various locations, which are marked on your tac-map at the start of the match. Activate pillars around a ritual site to face the Butcher. Make sure to have items like munition boxes, armor plates, and self-revives for this bullet sponge boss.

Defeating the Butcher rewards you with an MW2 calling card and unlocks the Butcher’s meat hook for use in Diablo IV.

Swamp Creature

The Swamp Creature is located in the Mawizeh Marshlands on Al Mazrah. Open the egg pods in the swamp until the creature spawns. Defeat it to earn the Swamp Creature calling card.

The Pharaoh

The Pharaoh boss is located at the Oasis point of interest on Al Mazrah. Secure skulls by killing possessed enemies and place them in the sarcophagus to awaken and defeat the Pharaoh. This boss is fast and brutal, so be prepared for a challenging fight.

Defeating The Pharaoh rewards you with The Pharaoh calling card.


The UFO boss is located in Sawah Village on Al Mazrah. Destroy the blue glowing orbs known as anomalies, and then destroy the UFO. Defeating the UFO unlocks the UFO calling card.

Ghost Train

The train on Al Mazrah has turned into the Ghost Train. Board the train, navigate through the traps and explosives, and capture the heart item. Don’t forget to disable the sentry guns along the way. Defeating the Ghost Train unlocks the Ghost Train calling card.

Evil Spirits

This challenge involves finding various spooky encounters by opening supply boxes in different locations. You need to find a reaper in Al-Safwa Quarry, a ghoul in Al Mazrah City, a specter in Al Bagra Fortress, and a witch in Al Malik Airport. Completing these steps unlocks the Evil Spirits calling card.

General Tips

  • You can complete these boss fights in both battle royale and DMZ mode, but DMZ has fewer human opponents.
  • If you see that the boss you’re after has been defeated, don’t worry. The boss will respawn quickly and appear on the map.
  • Equip night vision goggles or use thermal scopes in nighttime Al Mazrah to spot enemies easily, especially AI opponents in DMZ mode.

Additional rewards can be earned through The Haunting’s Soul Capture event. For a comprehensive guide on unlocking these rewards quickly, check out our guide. Please note that GameSpot may receive a share of the revenue if you make a purchase through the links in this article.